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Dad was six feet two and long-legged, taller and stronger and with a more beautiful voice than anybody. His hair was salt-and-pepper; he had the broken nose of a boxer and a dramatic air about him. I don’t remember ever seeing him run; rather, he ambled, or took long, fast strides. He walked loose-limbed and swaybacked, like an American, but dressed like an English gentleman: corduroy trousers, crisp shirts, knotted silk ties, jackets with suede elbows, tweed caps, fine custom-made leather shoes, and pajamas from Sulka with his initials on the pocket. He smelled of fresh tobacco and Guerlain’s lime cologne. An omnipresent cigarette dangled from his fingers; it was almost an extension of his body.

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Finally, let me repeat that Othello does not kill Desdemona in jealousy, but in a conviction forced upon him by the almost superhuman art of Iago, such a conviction as any man would and must have entertained who had believed Iago's honesty as Othello did. We, the audience, know that Iago is a villain from the beginning; but in considering the essence of the Shakspearian Othello, we must perseveringly place ourselves in his situation, and under his circumstances. Then we shall immediately feel the fundamental difference between the solemn agony of the noble Moor, and the wretched fishing jealousies of Leontes, and the morbid suspiciousness of Leonatus, who is, in other respects, a fine character. Othello had no life but in Desdemona:—the belief that she, his angel, had fallen from the heaven of her native innocence, wrought a civil war in his heart. She is his counterpart; and, like him, is almost sanctified in our eyes by her absolute unsuspiciousness, and holy entireness of love. As the curtain drops, which do we pity the most?

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The remainder—Iago's soliloquy—the motive-hunting of a motiveless malignity—how awful it is! Yea, whilst he is still allowed to bear the divine image, it is too fiendish for his own steady view,—for the lonely gaze of a being next to devil, and only not quite devil,—and yet a char-acter which Shakspeare has attempted and executed, without disgust and without scandal!

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I spent quite a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror. Nearby there was a stack of books. My favorites were The Death of Manolete and the cartoons of Charles Addams. I would pretend to be Morticia Addams. I was drawn to her. I used to pull my eyes back and see how I’d look with slanted eyelids. I liked Sophia Loren. I’d seen pictures of her, and she was my ideal of female beauty at the time. Then I would pore over the photographs of the great bullfighter Manolete, dressed in his suit of lights, praying to the Madonna for her protection, taking the cape under his arm, preparing to enter the bullring. The solemnity, the ritual of the occasion, was tangible in the pictures. Then the terrible aftermath—Manolete gored in the groin, the blood black on the sand. There were also photographs illustrating the subsequent slaughter of the bull, which mystified me, since he had obviously won the fight. I felt it was a gross injustice, and my heart wept for both the bull and Manolete.

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The easiest way to work on an essay is to describe what you already know. The nature stuff is no different. In case you’re a big city resident, the museum of natural history or the nearest zoo will be a perfect place to get detailed information on nature. Plenty of possibilities are waiting for you in your own back yard or in the city park! If you have an opportunity to admire springtime in your grandpa’s farm, watching goats, horses and chickens going through their everyday life – it will certainly make your project more alive! If you’re offered to observe how the offspring is delivered – do not hesitate to describe it within your assignment! Reproduction is what impresses us the most in all living creatures and it will add up more “special effects” to what you have to say about the world of nature.

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Farms are perfect to observe the world of greenery, from a tiny seed to abundant harvest! Any time of the year will provide you with a lot of inspiration for a solid essay about nature’s beauty. Just take a walk along a summer beach and listen to the sounds of the sea. Wander through the woods to observe the life cycle that makes natures so breath-taking. Autumn leaves turn to red and orange, and slowly fall to the ground, making an amazing carpet. Winter takes you to the fantasy world with the first snowflakes, if you know how to look at them! It feels like the current of life stops under the snow blanket to be born once again with the first warmth of the spring sun! Spring will let you display the beauty of nature in the most favorable view! Trees and plants refresh the air with fantastic and wonderfully intoxicating perfumes the likes of which you cannot be found anywhere else.