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Thus, the AB in Studio Art major requires a total of 42 hours of studio art and design courses. In addition to ARHI 2400, Art History II: Baroque to Modern, students must take six (6) hours of art history coursework. Required electives include a literature course and a foreign language through level three. The AB program in Studio Art is intended for students who want more flexibility in building an interdisciplinary degree program with increased choice in their academic and elective courses over a wider range of disciplines and offerings than is afforded by the BFA programs in Art and Design.

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The A.B. in Cognitive Science at the University of Georgia is a demanding interdisciplinary program. In the major-related core, students take lower-level classes in computer science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and statistics. At the upper-division level, all majors take courses in cognitive science and cognitive psychology and choose between either Artificial Intelligence (CSCI/PHIL 4550) or Generative Syntax (ENGL/LING 3150). Students focus on two (or more) of four areas of concentration: Artificial Intelligence Foundations, Philosophical Foundations, Psychological Foundations, and Language and Culture (Linguistics and Anthropology).

I always seem to do better in comparative essays than anything else in English.

English is an excellent pre-professional major, whether the goal is to study law, medicine, or literature. Graduates find careers in public relations, management positions, technical writing, publishing, business, teaching, and others that demand writing, interpretation, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

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UGA at Oxford; Acting Study Abroad – London, England; Aberystwyth University Exchange – Wales; COPE foundation – Ireland; British Landscape, Authors, & Education – Cambridge University; Social Issues in Northern Ireland; Lancaster Exchange Program; Reading Exchange Program; Sussex Exchange Program; University of Nottingham Exchange Program; Leicester Exchange Program

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Career opportunities for graduates include teaching at the secondary level, non-teaching academic positions, museum work, library work, editorial work, positions in the travel and tourist industry, and government positions in foreign service. The major also prepares students to enter graduate schools in classics, comparative literature, religious studies, linguistics, history, and other fields such as law and journalism.

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Students desiring to practice in the areas of speech-language pathology, audiology, or education of the hearing impaired must obtain full professional credentials and certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission through an accredited master’s or doctorate degree. A master's degree is the entry-level degree for the practice of Speech-Language Pathology and a doctoral degree is the entry-level degree of the practice of Audiology in hospitals, rehabilitation settings, public schools, etc.

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Chinese Emphasis: Want to learn a language spoken by more people than speak English and Spanish combined? Want to communicate with people in one of the world’s largest economies? Study of Chinese language puts you in direct contact with one of the longest continuous literary traditions. Study-abroad in Asia is encouraged. Courses include introductory and intermediate language, literary Chinese, and courses in Chinese and Asian literature and culture.

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We live in a global society where languages, literatures, and cultures intersect; it is more important than ever to broaden our scope beyond the English-speaking world. Comparative Literature is the study of common features in the literatures and traditions of more than one culture.