Was Emily Davison's Death Suicidal or Accidental

 History Essay Was Emily Davison’s death at the Derby in 1913 suicide or an accident

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I just found your The Epsom Derby and the deaths of Emily Wilding Davison and Herbert ‘Diamond’ Jones site! It is great — very helpful. Thanks so much!

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[...] Volgende week is het precies honderd jaar geleden dat Emily Wilding Davison onder de hoeven van Anmer terechtkwam en overleed. Wij zijn gewend dat we alle gebeurtenissen die tegenwoordig plaatsvinden, bijna direct kunnen zien via de media. Maar ook dit tragische ongeluk is gefilmd, jawel. We kunnen nog steeds de beelden zien van de vrouw die onder het hek door de renbaan oploopt, doelbewust het paard van de koning opwacht dat op dat moment als tiende komt aanstormen, vervolgens met opgeheven armen voor het paard gaat staan en na een dramatische klap neervalt, evenals het paard en zijn berijder. De aangrijpende en trieste beelden zijn te zien op … [...]

Emily Wilding Davison was born at Roxburgh House, Greenwich in south-east London on 11 October 1872

Emily Wilding Davison was perhaps the most militant member of the militant WSPU and from when she joined until she died she was continually in and out of prison. She threw metal balls labelled ‘bomb’ through windows, set fire to post boxes, hid in Parliament three times (notably on Census night in 1911) and continually went on hunger strike. The suffragettes who ‘hunger struck’ were initially released early so as to avoid martyrdom but soon the authorities started force feeding to, in the end, disastrous publicity.

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On the 14th June 1913, 6000 women dressed in white marched through the streets of London to pay their respects to Emily Wilding Davison at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury. This young woman lost her life in a dramatic act of protest when she placed herself in the path of the King’s horse to highlight the cause of women’s suffrage.

this was deliberate suicide or just a mere accident

The Wilding Festival was a multi-arts festival marking 100 years since the death of suffragette Emily Wilding Davison curated by Soundcastle in partnership with the Museum of London and St George’s Bloomsbury.

Emily Davison: Martyr or Mistake

Curated in collaboration with Akhila Krishnan, the exhibition took its name from Walt Whitman’s ‘Song of the Open Road’ which was placed in Emily Wilding Davison’s coffin at her funeral and buried with her. It brought together over 20 artists who responded to the festival theme in film, animation, illustration, print-making, ceramics, textiles, graphic design, sculpture, photography and fashion.

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No one really knows whether the Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison deliberately killed herself underneath the galloping hooves of Anmer – the Kings horse – at the 1913 Derby. Some say it was just a brave protest that went tragically wrong, after all a return train ticket was found in her handbag, along with an invitation to a suffragette event that evening.