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Understanding ethical dilemmas in the emergency department: Views from medical students' essays

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provides incentives for students who follow in their EMT parents’ footsteps. The fund provides $50,000, to be distributed to sons and daughters of EMS personnel, firefighters and police officers who are launching educational pursuits that lead to Emergency Medical Services certification and employment. Funds are for students working toward their initial EMT certifications, and for basic certified professionals that are moving into the Paramedic certification level of education. Eligible students are required to apply for certification through state programs.

Understanding Ethical Dilemmas in the Emergency Department: Views from Medical ..

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Throughout the years, Dudley and Urist McCauley, mentor and director of technical services, have acted as surrogate parents. Students have temporarily lived with them or called in the middle of the night to be taken to the emergency room. Dudley and a staff of five guide the students through mountains of paperwork, academic and social pressures, and practical problems from how to dress for an interview to which fork to use at a nice dinner.

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Be part of one of the greatest professions in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for Emergency Medical Technicians are projected to grow faster than any other profession between now and 2020. Experts expect a 33% growth rate for EMT's.

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N2 - Background: For medical students, the emergency department (ED) often presents ethical problems not encountered in other settings. In many medical schools there is little ethics training during the clinical years. The benefits of reflective essay writing in ethics and professionalism education are well established. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine and categorize the types of ethical dilemmas and scenarios encountered by medical students in the ED through reflective essays. Methods: During a 4th- year emergency medicine rotation, all medical students wrote brief essays on an ethical situation encountered in the ED, and participated in an hour debriefing session about these essays. Qualitative analysis was performed to determine common themes from the essays. The frequency of themes was calculated. Results: The research team coded 173 essays. The most common ethical themes were autonomy (41%), social justice (32.4%), nonmaleficence (31.8%), beneficence (26.6%), fidelity (12%), and respect (8.7%). Many of the essays contained multiple ethical principles that were often in conflict with each other. In one essay, a student grappled with the decision to intubate a patient despite a preexisting do-not-resuscitate order. This patient encounter was coded with autonomy, beneficence, and nonmaleficence. Common scenarios included ethical concerns when caring for critical patients, treatment of pain, homeless or alcoholic patients, access to care, resource utilization, and appropriateness of care. Conclusion: Medical students encounter patients with numerous ethically based issues. Frequently, they note conflicts between ethical principles. Such essays constitute an important resource for faculty, resident, and student ethics training.

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One of the major draws of the medical field is its dualistic nature combining hard-core science with the softer side of helping people. This is described by people in many ways; some describe it as a dichotomy of science to art; to others it is intellectualism to humanism, theory to application, research to creativity, or qualitative to social skills. No matter how you choose to phrase it, if you mention the dichotomy, then be sure to touch on your qualifications and experience in both areas.