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Nylon Strings, less rough on the finger tips
and also provides a more mellow/soft tone 6 String-Basic original model for most guitars
(what you normally see)
Most electric guitars are normally 6
stringed, although some are 7 or even 12 mostly can be identified by their components or parts.

Piezoelectric pickup, dual pickup,and piezoelectric violin bridge pickup are other components of the guitar.

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On some guitars (such as the Fender Telecaster), the collars anchor right into the body, and the strings pass through the back of the instrument, through a hole in the bridge assembly, and out the top.

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The first one is an exact replica of his n°1 guitar which features a poplar body with maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 4 pickups (a DiMarzio Steve Morse bridge and neck model Humbuckers, and two DiMarzio single coils, a DP 117 and a custom wound Steve Morse single coil in HSSH configuration) volume and tone controls. The switching is also particular: it features a 3 way selector that changes between the bridge humbucker, the neck humbucker and the first single coil ( aligned with the Bridge Humbucker), a mini switch that adds the bridge pickup to any configuration and a third switch that adds the second, slant single coil to any configuration. This switch also allows for independent single coil selection.

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Identification Types There are several types of electric guitars, such as
hallow-body, solid-body, metal-body, and even electric/acoustic hybrids these variants change the weight and sound of the guitar always to some extent

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Electric strings, like steel acoustic strings, have ball ends and are made of metal, but electric strings are usually composed of a lighter-gauge wire, and the 3rd string is unwound, or plain, whereas a steel-string acoustic guitar’s 3rd string is wound. (A nylon-string’s 3rd string also is unwound but is a thicker nylon string.)

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The electric bass guitar consists of a neck and body, and the bridge, tuners, pickups, strings, and amplification makes this instrument the backbone of a song....

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The guitar parts for these concerts are a constant challenge. The music requires that the guitarist be able to play a variety of styles and a variety of instruments. I have played electric, classical, and steel string acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin and bouzouki in styles ranging from a delicate classical guitar and oboe duet, to a screaming rock solo, to foot stomping dixieland banjo.

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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons had this guitar made for the late Albert King as a surprise present for the bluesman's 65 th birthday in 1988. It was crafted by Tom Holmes, a Nashville luthier who has made over 25 guitars for Gibbons, as well as many of Bo Diddley's odd shaped instruments. "It's built like a Les Paul," says Holmes. "It's an archtop with a maple top and a mohogany body and neck. I had (Cheap Trick guitarist) Rick Nielsens' Flying V here at the time, which I used as a model to sketch the body and check the headstock and neck joint, so its body shape is exactly like a Gibson Flying V's.