?Facts About Media Violence and Effects on the American Family.?

Televised violence has a major effect on how children perceive the world and how they behave.

The habit of watching TV may continue into the child's adulthood.

With the increased level of violence shown on television each day, children have become immune and insensitive to violence and are more aggressive verbally and physically than ever before.

Verbal, physical, or any other form of abuse shown on TV has a psychological effect on the viewers.

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Murray is practically the epitome of reasoned discourse, polite restraint and moderation; but that moderation was for the radicalised students, who hit most of the suicidalist agenda, if perhaps somewhat broadly and incoherently because they were puppets not masters:
-tell blatant lies about Murray
-invoke racism (also sexism, homophobia, white nationalism, and all the usual content-free buzzwords)
-blame society, particularly in the form of people-like-Murray
-identify with the poor oppressed as justification for their actions
-engage in mob violence because Murray is somehow “aggressing” against them by coming to speak at a college
-assert that Murray shouldn’t have been allowed to speak in the first place

"TV Violence and Brainmapping in Children." Psychiatric Times October 2001.

However, with an average of two televisions per household, its effects on children and society at large have transformed this household appliance into a virtual weapon of mass destruction.

There have been repeated debates on how to protect children from the harmful effects of violence on television.

Violence On Television Affects Children ..

William Belson also discovered that every time a child viewed this violence on television, they lost a fragment of their inhibitions towards others (Kinnear 26).

Hundreds of studies of the effects of TV violence on children ..

In addition to William Belson’s study, studies done by many scientists and doctors show that seeing violence on television causes viewers to become less sensitive to the pain of others (Mudore 1).
Furthermore, television violence causes aggressive behavior in children.

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Many people believe that children who watch violent television programs exhibit more aggressive behavior than that exhibited by children who do not (Kinnear 23).

Television Violence 2014 - Effects of TV Violence on Children

In the wake of school shootings and concealed weapons being carried by students,
many government agencies have begun to study the effects of violence on television as a
prominent variable in childhood and adolescent aggressiveness.

The Effect of Television Violence on Children and Teenagers Essay ..

The more television violence viewed by a child, the more aggressive the child is (“Children” 1).
Television violence is also a cause of both violent and aggressive behavior in teenage boys.

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This paper will target a college educated audience and will examine: the use of television as an electronic babysitter by parents, the effects and consequences of television violence on children, and the various ways that we can protect our children from the effects of prolonged exposure to television violence.