Discoveries in Europe were critical in the upbringing of science.

This makes the mother more capable of educating and training her children in the most proper way.

Again it can all stem from childhood of abuse and helplessness.

It is absolutely necessary to understand that before you expect your child to learn the ways of Islam, the parents have to be practising Muslims themselves.

What now can the religion and community expect from this kind of upbringing?!

This form of relation may affect the welfare of a child’s upbringing.

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Now as the child grows up, his greed for worldly material things has blinded his sense of morals.

However, this has the potential to go both ways, and when faced with a violent and often malevolent upbringing, the possibility of the child turning to criminal behaviour increases....

Likewise, think of the basic cause whereby the children became disobedient.

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However by paying attention to the crucial necessity of giving religious education during childhood, an effort should be made to create an emotion and fervour for IMAAN in the hearts of the children.

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It was the parents' primary duty to give religious education and training to the children, but instead of that they made them become involved in worldly pursuits.

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Parents and elders who do not discharge the children's rights and miss the opportunity of acquitting themselves of their responsibility, will not find the children fulfilling their parent's rights when they grow up.

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But since the parents are unaware of the children's rights and their rightful demand, they do not discharge their own responsibility and as a consequence the children become disobedient.

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Abul Laith Samarqandi (R.A) has related that a man brought his son to Hazrat Umar (radiyallahu anhu) and said: "My son does not obey me, he is disobedient to me." Hearing this Hazrat Umar (radiyallahu anhu) said: "O boy, don't you know what rights a father has on his son?" Thereafter he narrated the rights of a father on his children.

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