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Japanese higher education system is characterized by a large private sector and a high participation rate, where expansion has been achieved through diversification of institutional missions (OECD 2009).
The article further examines the recent 2004 university reform, arguably initiated by a sense of crisis and that universities are partly to blame for the economic stagnation Japan had faced.
The rapid aging of the population has led to challenges for the institutions and it could be assumed that the already competitive environment is even further complicated by the ever decreasing student population.

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Education developed a ten-year plan that set goals for Saudi children.

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After a student gets a Secondary Diploma, they are now free to enroll for higher education in Universities (Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Highest Point: The highest point in Saudi Arabia is Jabal Sawda' at 3,133 m, located in southwestern Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea.

The expansion of formal religious education programs in a technologically modernizing society has created some economic dislocations and some degree of social polarization between those equipped primarily with a religious education and those prepared to work in the modern economic sector. Opportunities for government employment in religious affairs agencies and the judiciary have been shrinking as traditional areas of religious authority have given way to new demands of the modernizing and developing state. At the same time, unemployment was becoming a problem in the society at large. In the private sector, for example, where most of the employment growth was expected from 1990 to 1995, employment was projected to increase by 213,500, but at the same time the Saudi indigenous labor force was expected to increase by 433,900. Consequently, the growing number of graduates in religious studies--in 1985, 2,733 students in the Islamic University of Medina and more than 8,000 in Muhammad ibn Saud University in Riyadh--was a potential source of disaffection from the state and its modernizing agenda.

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