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Chuck Klosterman says that performance enhancing drugs have been around for a long time and even though and they are being used more abundantly because today’s people crave more exciting and competitive sports (166). Klosterman’s theory is true and that as long as records continue to be broken the fans will be happy. Klosterman goes on to say that the athletes continue to dope because it increases their income and popularity (166). This causes them to lose their entire fan base and become disliked by the public. If doping is completely exterminated then the fans will be even happier to know that these athletes are accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks by training for long hours instead of using performance-enhancers. However, after he was found to be doping the entire time his fan base went from being really high to having more dislike than people that like him.

Essay on use of Drugs in Sports

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Medically, there are harmful effects of doping that are still not well understood.” Some steroids can cause many fatal diseases such as different kinds of cancers and heart disorders. On a smaller scale steroids can also cause a sudden mood change which is where we get the term “roid rage”. If we allowed athletes to dope in sports then many athletes could eventually develop a life threatening disease because that is what everyone in the sport did. If we continue to try and stop doping in sports then these diseases become less likely to occur in professional athletes. Also if we got rid of illegal drugs in sports we could use the labor and money of the people figuring the effects of these performance-enhancing to work on larger projects such as cures for cancers and heart diseases.

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