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Step 2: Explain to your students that they will complete a vampire novel independent study after they finish reading Dracula. They will select a vampire novel to read on their own time and then write an analysis comparing their vampire novel to the source material, Dracula (because let's face it, pretty much all things vampire owe something to Stoker's work).

Category: comparison compare contrast essays; Title: Comparing Feminism in Frankenstein and Dracula.

Frankenstein and dracula comparison essay thesis

Frankenstein Dracula: Character Similarities and Differences; Bram Stoker’s Dracula: Essay ; "Frankenstein Dracula: Character Similarities and Differences.".

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The protagonists of Frankenstein and Dracula also differ in the way that they fought the respective villains. Frankenstein, who created the monster in secrecy, could only conquer it in secrecy as well. He attempted to explain his story to others and gain support, but they simply rendered him ill for speaking of such a being. He thus devoted his life to the defeat of his enemy, abandoning the few family and friends he had left after the past misfortunes: «'I have but one resource, and I devote myself, either in my life or death, to his destruction'« (Shelley, p. 208). In the end, Frankenstein does not kill his monster, but dies while chasing it through the cold of the north. Similarly, at one point in Dracula, Harker is deemed ill for his allegations of Count Dracula being a vampire. The nurse who cared for him wrote his fiancée Mina saying «He has had some fearful shock - so says our doctor - and in his delirium his ravings have been dreadful; of wolves and poison and blood; of ghosts and demons; and I fear to say of what» (Stoker, p. 109). Yet, with Lucy's peculiar illness marked by two pin-prick points on her neck and reading Harker's well-kept journal, Mina realized that her fiancé's ravings of encountering a vampire may actually have been true. Once Harker recovers, he gets Mina and his fellow friends involved and together they defeat Dracula. Ultimately, both protagonists met well-suited fates - Frankenstein suffered the deaths of others as well as his own for creating his own enemy so secretly, while Harker, completely innocent, encountered the villain by chance and prevailed with the help of others.

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Therefore, the stories of Frankenstein and Dracula have separate plots, though they both include similar characters types. Protagonists Victor Frankenstein and Jonathan Harker both strive to conquer villains, yet the first dies a lonely death and the latter lives on. Frankenstein's monster and Count Dracula both cause irreparable damage, but have quite dissimilar motives for their behaviours. Finally, Elizabeth Lavenza and Mina Murray participate throughout each respective novel in different ways, though both being secondary female characters with alike relations to the protagonists. These classic horrors illustrate how having common characters does not necessarily denote having common plots.

Dracula And Frankenstein Comparison Essay - …

The stories of Frankenstein and Dracula both include secondary characters, who happen to be female as well as the lovers of the protagonists. Frankenstein's fiancée, Elizabeth Lavenza, embodied the novel's motif of passive women as she waited patiently for Victor's attention. Throughout the novel, she kept her distance from Frankenstein and his work and hardly got involved when he showed signs of stress and illness. Knowing nothing, she wondered if she may have been the cause of her fiancé's grief: «Do you not love another?...I love you...But it is your happiness I desire as well as my own when I declare to you that our marriage would render me eternally miserable unless it were the dictate of your own free choice» (Shelley, p. 194). Frankenstein never confided in Elizabeth about the monster, so she remained ignorant of the perilous situation she was in. Nearing the end of the story on the wedding night, Elizabeth helplessly fell victim to the monster. In Dracula, however, Jonathan Harker's fiancée and soon after wife, Mina, was a completely different character. When she found that Harker's departure was unusually lengthy, she did not simply consider that he found another women, as Elizabeth had in Frankenstein. She expressed her concern for the well-being of her lover and at the instant of knowing he was ill, she was by his side. She showed great involvement in her fiancée's life and appreciated that the men were trying to protect her, but she was adamant that she assist in the obliteration of Dracula: «it did not seem to me good that they should brave danger and, perhaps, lessen their safety...through care of me» (Stoker, p. 248). Mina was selfless, intelligent and resourceful, and after being victimized by the count, she used her connection with Dracula to lead the men to his hideout. The count was captured and killed, saving Mina from transforming into a vampire and saving the rest of the world from possible danger. Mina can be considered a heroine, being so strong, knowing and helpful in such a situation not meant for female involvement, taking place in the Victorian times. Elizabeth Lavenza and Mina Murray, both secondary characters, had two very different roles in each story, and met two very different fates.

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The Dracula study guide contains a biography of Bram Stoker, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes."Frankenstein" and "Dracula" Comparison Essay by Writing Phan "Frankenstein" and "Dracula".View Essay - Dracula Novel and Film Essay from MCA 376 at Pace.