Dog-fighting can be organized or unorganized in urban areas.

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In a  reported by the Associated Press, two other football players defended Vick and ridiculed the idea that dogfighting is a crime:

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They hosted fights at the Virginia property and transported dogs to other states to participate in fights. The fights usually occurred late at night or in the early morning and would last several hours. Before fights, dogs would be bathed to remove any poison or narcotic that might have been placed on them to hinder their opponents’ performance. Losing dogs sometimes died in the pit. Gambling purses were frequently in the thousands of dollars.

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Why pursue federal charges?
Organized animal fighting rings exist because of the participation of many individuals – breeders, trainers, property owners, organizers, spectators and gamblers to name a few. While state laws provide a way to prosecute the individuals who are most directly involved with an animal fighting venture, stopping a single animal fighting operation is not as effective as shutting down its entire support network. In addition to offering charges related to spectatorship and the presence of minors, federal law provides a way to prosecute the individuals who support animal fighting ventures by supplying animals, equipment or money across state lines or to foreign countries.

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These are the numbers of animals killed worldwide by the meat, egg, and dairy industries since you opened this webpage. These numbers do NOT include the many millions of animals killed each year in vivisection laboratories. They do NOT include the millions of dogs and cats killed in animal shelters every year. They do NOT include the animals who died while held captive in the animal-slavery enterprises of circuses, rodeos, zoos, and marine parks. They do NOT include the animals killed while pressed into such blood sports as bullfighting, cockfighting, dogfighting, and bear- baiting, nor do they include horses and grey- hounds who were exterminated after they were no longer deemed suitable for racing.

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by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia and charged with violating federal law 18 U.S.C. § 371 Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture. The “interstate commerce” requirement gives the federal court jurisdiction over an activity otherwise regulated by the state. Interstate commerce in the Vick case included transporting fighting dogs across state lines and hosting dogfight participants from other states at Bad Newz Kennels. The charge is a felony with a maximum penalty of 5 years prison. A charge under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) for would have carried only a maximum penalty of one year per violation.

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Peace, Phillips and Taylor were charged with promoting dogfighting . Taylor was also charged with three counts of unlawful torture and killing of dogs, and Peace was charged with one count. Each is a felony charge with a maximum 5 year prison term. The grand jury declined to bring eight possible additional counts of animal cruelty against the defendants.