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The proper length of any paragraph is almost always subjective. There is no rule that I know of. Single-sentence paragraphs are common in newspaper articles and fiction, but not so much in business writing. That doesn’t mean you can’t include them. I have found in my experience with novice writers that they tend to pack more sentences than necessary into each paragraph. Paragraph breaks make reading easy on the eyes. Keep related sentences together. When the topic or the focus of the paragraph seems to shift, start a new paragraph. It tends to be instinctive.

Hi Liz:Thanks for your advice. may I know how can I generate ideas about Essay topics?

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This leads us to the biggest difference I’ve noticed so far between Japanese university students and WriteAtHome students: my Japanese students tended to start new paragraphs all the time, so that, held at arm’s length, their compositions would look like shopping lists. Some of my younger WriteAtHome students have not quite discovered the advantages of dividing their work into paragraphs, so they turn in big, uninterrupted blocks of text — superparagraphs, like the Earth’s surface before Continental Drift. Adobe Acrobat’s pencil tool comes in very handy for suggesting places to divide up the text!

You have done one mistake while explaining the criterias of paragraphs and the mistake is…… (Can I have 4 or 5 body paragraphs?

Here is a list of common topics: and here is a list of common essay questions: . Go online and read model essays for various topics. Write down the ideas used. Also start researching issues and collect ideas.
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All essay types for task 2 will have a background statement and a thesis statement. See my advanced lessons if you need detailed training:

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You use examples as you wish. It’s an easy way to support your ideas but not the only way. You make the decision of what suits you and what is best for your essay.

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I have not heard of DEE format. Each teacher has their own techniques and methods. You need to learn the difference between a recommendation and a requirement. You do not need to give examples in writing task 2. You can choose to give them or not give them – it won’t affect your score. You can give examples in first person or third person – I prefer students to give examples by referring to the world in general as it produces a better range of English for the examiner.

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I really enjoyed this posting, and I completely agree, too! In Japan, my students frequently worried about how long their paragraphs should be, and I would tell them a typical paragraph has about six to eight sentences (because that’s what my junior-high and high-school teachers told me) — but I always emphasized that that was a description of a typical paragraph, not a rule. And I would show them examples of one-sentence paragraphs, too. (But I’d only show them those once, rather unobtrusively, because I also didn’t want to encourage a bunch of essays composed of one-sentence paragraphs!)

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There are only two statements needed for the introduction in writing task 2: . See all tips and lessons on this page; . Please get my advanced lessons as they explain in great depth exactly how to write an IELTS essay:

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Each paragraph should have a central theme , a central topic. In an opinion essay, each paragraph contains one main point for your view with supporting points. In a advantage/disadvantage essay, each paragraph has a central theme – advantages in one paragraph and disadvantages in the other. Body paragraphs for writing task 2 should be reasonably balanced in length – unlike task 1 where they can be of different lengths. See the model essays for task 2 on this page: