But what exactly does it take to be a hero.

Each heroic act in the society is faced with great challenges but the hero never backs down.

Thor and Hercules are both perfect examples of heroes.

And that winner would be Batman.
A thesis statement
tells your reader exactly what is coming up in your essay.
A good thesis template
(with the bridge at the end):

explain how someone might disagree with you
explain your point
Give the three main ideas that back your point up
perman is the most powerful man in the world,
tman is the most dangerous hero.

The main beginning of the play starts with conflict itself, where the main character Jason, has abandoned his wife Medea, as well as the two children.

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Columbus could not have been too surprised; he had already been handing out captured women as sex gifts to his men. The only ally that the Spaniards had was Guacanagarí, and the head priest on the expedition, Friar Buil, wanted Guacanagarí executed as an example. Columbus was not about to execute his only ally, church advice or not. Instead, he had the fort site dug up, to see if the men buried any gold they might have seized (as Columbus instructed them to), and they moved off to establish another settlement.

Two Characters seen as heroic are Achilles and Hector, however; Hector is more heroic because he is decisive, his perseverance and personality.

"The manner," says he, "in whichthe governments of the States where slavery exists are toregulate it is for their own consideration, under theresponsibility to their constituents, to the general laws ofpropriety, humanity, and justice, and to God.

Associationsformed elsewhere, springing from a feeling of humanity, orany other cause, have nothing whatever to do with it.

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What follows is the most significant revision in the 2014 version of this essay versus its 2001 version, and I ask my readers to bear with me. This may seem tangential, but I believe that it is germane. I first published this essay in 1998, as one of the first, if not first, essays on my site as it exists today. After hiring an editor, I published an updated version in 2001 while asking if I could publish the lengthy quote of his work that I will retain in this 2014 version, in his honor. Not long after that 2001 version was published, an , and I also began reading criticisms of my statement that the Spaniards completely exterminated the Taino, made by people that claimed Taino heritage.

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Multitudes died in the horrific mine conditions. During the early 1500s, the Spaniards were faced with a new problem: it was becoming difficult to find enough natives to do the work. In 1496, when the tribute system was still in place, Columbus’s brother Bartolomé, the acting governor while Columbus returned to Spain, apparently surveyed the population to get an idea of how much tribute would pour in. The count tallied 1.1 million people. That was just counting the adults, in the region that the Spaniards controlled at that time, which came after two years of severe population decline from violence, starvation, disease, etc. In 1508, the count tallied 60 thousand people. By 1535, the original inhabitants of La Isla Española were virtually extinct, and may have become a generation later.

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These are the parties who are the central characters of the play and the plan unfolds into their lives, as well as how the two characters of Jason and Medea turn out to be tragic heroes....

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My room-mate wasintroduced to me by the jailer as "a first-rate fellow andclever man." When the door was locked, he showed me whereto hang my hat, and how he managed matters there.