Do celebrities have a right to privacy

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Celebrities Do Not Have a Right To Privacy; ..

I think the privacy of celebrities should be protected because they are just like regular people, they have the same rights and they were opportunistic enough to become that famous. I think it is inappropriate to invade somebodies privacy like that especially if they are not in public.

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Do celebrities have the right to privacy essay

I feel that these celebrities are just like normal people in the fact that they need their own privacy. I think that they deserve the right to say that they don’t want their lives’ all over the tabloids and on television. Even though celebrities have their own shows and talk shows, etc., They should still reserve the right to decide what is shown to protect them. These people choose to let other people look into their daily lives and because of that they should understand the conditions of that choice. I think that it is both the fault of the paparazzi and the celebrities. It is the paparazzi’s fault for taking advantage of certain situations just to get a good story and its the celebrities’ fault for making themselves available to have this happen.

Most celebrities should and do know what theyre getting into when they choose their celebrities deserve privacy essay

Give us your take on the paparazzi controversy. Who is at fault here: the tabloid owners for publishing the photos, the photographers for taking them, the public for being so interested in the private lives of celebrities–or someone or something else? Is losing privacy a fair trade-off for fame? Do you think Kate Middleton is–or should be–in the same category as public figures who work in the entertainment industry? If you believe that famous people should be “off limits” in their private lives, what do you think needs to change in order for that to happen?
The ideals of paparazzi have been taken too far. There are no boundaries and that must soon be taken into consideration. Also the tabloid owners should have more respect for these public figures. However public figures also must realize that their lives are in fact in the public eye and they should be more careful. No Kate Middleton is not in the same category as those who work in the entertainment industry. She is a member of the royal family and should be treated to more privacy. Lastly famous people’s lives should not be kept “off limits” it is a sacrifice they make for fame and wealth.

We all have rights of do celebrities have the right to privacy essay privacy

But the question is, do celebrities have the right to a private life?

34% of respondents to our poll think that celebrities should be entitled to absolute privacy in their private lives unless they are breaking the law, OR doing something that might be considered morally wrong (e.g. having an affair). Tiger Woods et al. fall into this category, so it is interesting to note that only 46% of respondents think that he has no right to privacy in this case.

Should celebrities have the right to have privacy

Therefore, it is worth discussing whether the law should take celebrities’ privacy as priority or the right to freedom of expression when conflicts happen.

yes, celebrities do have the right for more privacy

We could restrict the sale of illegally-taken photos, as Jennifer Lawrence wants to do. Copyright law does this. If I take your photo, I have copyright in it, and I can stop others from selling it or publishing it. Ironically, here the media and the paparazzi are all in favor of restricting the sale of photos. The privacy rights of the person whose photo is taken are much weaker than the copyright of the photo taker. But why not strengthen them?

Just like any other person, celebrities also have a right to privacy.

i think that this is the paparazzi’s fault for taking the photos. it may have been better if they asked the celebrity if they could post the photos in the magizine. i think that famous people have a right to privacy, and paparazzi should be considerate of that.

They do need their own privacy and they have the right to it, ..

I think celebraties should be off limits during their private lives because everyone wants their own privacy. It would seem unexceptable if paparazzi took pictures of regular people and posted online and on magazines. Just because they are celebrities and work publicly doesn’t mean their lives should be public too. Everyone has the right to have a private life without being exploided for it.