The nuclear power plant generates water.

There are many disadvantages, and many advantages to this power generation.

Many countries have not changed their views on nuclear power.

The area within 30 km of the power plants
removed the heavily contaminated soil and trees to
try and get rid of any nuclear waste left there.

Presently, approximately 10-15% of the world's electricity is generated through nuclear energy.

So this turned that we have a nuclear power as the best choice.

When research scientists were working on my brain and body in the past they would always receive an information overload notification from their computer under certain circumstances whenever confusing signals were coming in to my brain and body. In such situations the signals would overload and begin to short circuit. This situation occurred whenever I listened to a youtube video on my computer which was narrated by voice synthesis which means that the speaking voice has been modulated with electricity. Other situations which caused information overload were by leaving a radio set to medium wave switched on beside me whenever I worked on my computer so that my energy imprint could not be read successfully via my computer monitor. Still another situation that caused information overload was if I suddenly woke up unexpectedly in the middle of the night and then switched on a very bright bedside light. In such a situation the voices coming from inside my head would complain of information overload and they would then complain that I had destroyed their nights work. (I realise that in the past I wrote that bedside lights can be used against us and that information may also have a small element of truth in it. ) If a government ever wished to send a message to their constituents through the medium of television news they could easily do so by having said message read by a voice synthesis mechanism thereby confusing any artificial intelligence system that may be monitoring television news content.

They include wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, tidal energy and many more.

I realise that my attitude towards psychiatry may appear very negative and condescending. I wish to apologise for my approach. I have found all psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses and patients to be really nice people. Psychiatrists have been misinformed about all manner of things at medical school. Toxic psychiatry has been covertly created by the self-proclaimed elite, and all of the blame lies with them-. However, I am so frightened for humanity, that I am willing to endure any type of hate that comes my way at this point so that humanity can live freely in the future.

Production of nuclear energy does not emit smoke, hence, there is no direct air pollution.

Well, there is another source of fuel, and it is renewable.

When a person is full of intense fear they cannot think rationally. I was so horrified and unable to convince anyone of the validity of my experiences that I attempted suicide on two occasions, and was minutes away from death on both occasions. I spent several days in an unconscious condition in Mayo General Hospital, Castlebar, after each suicide attempt by taking overdoses of prescription drugs on both occasions. However, now, many years later, I have regained my equilibrium and I am mentally stronger than ever. The perps (the people who use the advanced voice to skull technology to place their voices inside my brain from a distance) told me through the voice to skull direct voice communication technology that they would have been charged with manslaughter if I had died because of the suicide attempts. I heard these voice to skull military communication transmitted voices say that they would have been charged by the European Intelligence Services, of manslaughter. I later heard through the voice transmissions “We can not remote control anyone. The sensations are simulated by electrical sensations inside the body.”

I think that the nuclear energy is very efficient ot us..

The basis on which schizophrenia is diagnosed should be re-evaluated in light of the existence of directed energy weapons. The overwhelming power of ridicule is used at every turn against us, targeted individuals, in order to suppress the existence of these remote neural monitoring, and electronic brain link weapons. The public are programmed, through the main stream media, to be frightened of ,people who hear voices in their heads. The people who hear voices in their heads are good conscientious people, who have dared to challenge the growing totalitarianism, and they have been put on covert electronic harassment and voice to skull direct communication enabled torture programs by the self-proclaimed elite.

In some countries the nuclear powerprogram has come to a standstill.

The voice to skull direct communications reinforced my fears about human robotization by telling me, in the distant past that computer programmers throughout the world were unknowingly robotising human beings by remote control, for most of the past twenty years. The human beings who are destined to be robotized are first of all said to ingest micro sensors in their food. There micro sensors travel to their cells, via their blood stream. The micro sensors are further inserted into the brain cells of the human being by forcing them in by a directed energy methodology. When the micro sensors are installed in the cells, the programmers set about programming them to do things that brain cells were never intended to do. The programmers program the micro sensors to move all of the muscles of a human being totally against the will of that human being. The programmers are led to believe they are programming the brain of a real live monkey, even though they might be programming the brain of a real live child. If the neuro scientists had succeeded in fully and successfully robotizing a human being, which they could remote control from a distance, humanity would have no way of finding out the truth. I was unsure whether to post this information as it is very frightening. However, it is a legitimate fear that I have lived with ever since I became a targeted individual and weapons test subject back in 2003. I wish to give general insight into the reasons why so many people are attempting suicide in todays world, and how easily fears can escalate out of control within the minds of targeted individuals.