Communism Vs. Capitalism: Comparing the Points of Difference

By saying Communism and Socialism are wrong, you are full out supporting Capitalism.

Communism and capitalism are starkly different from each other

10. An underlying assumption of the system is that work mainly providesdisutility, thus workers will tend to avoid work if possible.
a. Communitarian capitalism.
b. Individualistic capitalism.
c. Both systems (a and b).
d. neither system.

I didn't know socialism from communism..or from capitalism too for that matter!

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The rest of Europe has been trying to better this under the renamed title of socialism (communism/socialism, same difference), and it has been proved that it is not working, and much of Europe is trying to return to a capitalistic society because it simply doesn't work.

49. What is the key difference between socialism and capitalism?(See the )

Simply put, democratic socialism advocates for a transition (whether revolutionary or reformistic) from the capitalist mode of production to the socialist mode of production accompanied by a democratic system, whereas social democracy advocates for a "better" version of capitalism achieved through reform of the current status quo that allows for government ownership of (mostly) non-profitable parts of society as well as social security nets and welfare paid for by raised taxes.

Stalin's 5 year plan had already taken over all of the farm land for government (communist/socialist) control.

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Communists gain control through violent revolution and socialists gain control slowly with stealth and lies just as they have in modern day United States.

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Everyone has the ability to do as well or as badly in business as they wish.

Also as mentioned, the only difference between communism and socialism is the manner in which the individual freedoms are stolen.

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This greed will drive all decisions by the ruling class that sets their own limits.

It is a fallacy that capitalism creates autocrats and social casts.

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The route or career path to a management position is also very different in the two economic variants of capitalism. In acommunitarian company, broadly educated college graduates develop a cumulative multi-function knowledge of the organization before they become managers. Inother words, they become company generalist through a long internship program, rather than functional specialist. Since communitarian managers develop companyspecific knowledge, they are not particularly mobile or marketable outside the organization. However, this company specific orientation and the policy ofpromoting from within the organization increases the manager’s internal mobility. The combination of internal mobility and life time employmentestablishes a bond between the manager and the organization. From the company perspective, the resulting low labor turnover rates support the relatively heavyexpenditures on management training.

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A realistic look at Communism and Socialism will expose them for what they really are, a modern day fuedal system that enslaves the people to work for the benefit of the few in the ruling class and to be disposed of when they are of no value.