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This book is primarily about free will, though, and about determinism only incidentally.

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Task 4: Drawing from your knowledge of the other frameworks presented in class, social construction of technology or mutual shaping, propose three counterarguments to the logic of technological determinism that you developed in task 2. These arguments should show that technology is NOT the only force driving the changes described. Identify social, economic, and cultural factors that may not be stated in the example, but that would be necessary for the changes in the example to take place. You may list these counterarguments as bullet points, but you must also give a 3-5 sentence explanation of how each social, cultural, and economic factor is a necessary component of the described social change.

Compatibilism — The view that the theses of free will and determinism can both be true.

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Task 3: Write 3-5 sentences speculating why a technologically deterministic reading of the example may be appealing. What does it help the author or designer of the example achieve?

Libertarianism — The view that humans have free will as a result of indeterminism in their choices.

Although the notion of determinism appears frequently through this book, the free will discussion is concerned only with a tiny subset of what might be determined, viz., those events that affect human decision making.

The adequately determined Macro Mind is the

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Whether there is, e.g., indeterminacy in quantum physics is an empirical matter outside of philosophers' ken and, by itself, does not bear on the free will debate, although some libertarians have argued that quantum indeterminacy could bear on human choices (see Chapter 8).

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And now at last we can define- "determinism" and "indeterminism." Determinism is the doctrine that every event is completely determined, in the sense just defined.

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Soft determinism — Technically, compatibilism plus determinism, but in fact, the view that we have free will not as a result of indeterminism, whether or not determinism is true.