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As part of OUTLOOK’s recent photo/essay contest, Mid-America youth (ages 10-16) were asked to describe how a past camp experience impacted their lives. Participants were also asked to submit up to three photos to accompany their essays. The grand prize: a free week at any Mid-America Union-sponsored camp. The first, second and third place winners were also published in the May 2014 issue of OUTLOOK.

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NOTE Students who have successfully completed a Stanford Summer College program during a previous summer should contact the High School Summer College

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For those who had more interesting more action packed summer vacations these essays can be pretty straight to the point. Just tell the story of your adventures. For those who spent the days just sitting out in their backyards or down at the beach you get to be a bit more inventive. I say this because you can only word "I spent my summer lying out in the sun at the beach" in so many ways. It is the less action packed summer vacations which end up having more interesting papers if written correctly. Perhaps you will decide to spend a bit more detail on the way that you took a particular route into work every morning until halfway through the summer when your route was destroyed via road construction and you were forced 10 miles out of your way to reach the same destination. Or perhaps you spent every Thursday afternoon at the beach, until one week when the week was closed because of salmonella bacteria. No summer is too dull. The only thing which may be lacking in the essay is the way that you enliven your vacation.

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