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It provides a dramatic example for alesson in healthy ways of dealing with loss.

The technique is now used as far away as Siberia.

Consider givingstudents the following assignment:

Write an explication of the lyrics of 10,000 Miles as if they were presented as a poem.

This weakness can be turned into a strength through comment and discussion.

The entire film is too long for most kids.

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After the film is over, remark on how Amy was able to get over her grief.

At a park you'll find many diverse .this article is aimed at discussing different types of topics that can be used for your descriptive essay writing purposes.

She went to nature and, after a while, she allowed others to comfort her.

Grief occurs when something valuable has been lost.

Inaddition, telling Amy that she has her mother's strength signaled to Amy that Tom accepted and approved of Amy's lovefor her mother and valued those parts of Amy's character that are like her mother.

Some situations that are fortunate can also result in grieving.

However, Amy had beenworking toward a goal for a long time and she would have been devastated if she had not been able to take the geese allthe way to the preserve.

Grieving is verypersonal and people experience it differently.

After Tom's ultralight had crashed short of the wildlifepreserve where the geese were to winter, Tom told Amy to fly the last leg of their journey alone through unfamiliarterritory.

Grieving has been described as like being on a rollercoaster.

This was another benefit to beweighed against the risks that Tom was allowing Amy to undertake.

Assignment: An exercise in creative writing may get students to think about issues beyond the story,such as the risks that Tom was willing to allow Amy to take and the difficulties with the police that he may experiencewhen he returns to Canada.

[This question can be asked ofseveral students.]

This is shown in Amy's efforts to learn to fly theultralight and to guide the geese to their new home.

Assignment: Consider thefollowing assignment to provide students an opportunity to write a memoir.

Susan adds that the first rule of friendship istrust.

Finally the film stresses theimportance of getting outside the self through a project or some kind of action that is of value not only to the selfbut also to the animal world, other people, or society as a whole.

There is a parallel in the growth of the geese and Amy's growth.

Another important issue involves how Amy will return to daily life and to school, now thatshe has experienced the intensity of the events that enabled her to fly alone leading her goslings to a new habitat.