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Through your concrete description, I think that I can also feel the atmosphere in the stadium and also how crazy are those fans. I can imagine the situation of the concert and I feel like I am inside of the stadium too. I think you can write a little bit more on the whole show, like how those songs made you impressed and how they touched you. Also, it is a little bit too musch description on the fans and I think it is better for you to describe more on the performer as he is the main character of the concert. But I think it is still a good descriptive essay as you can clearly show the situation of the show to the readers.

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Haha! I know who are you talking about xDD
I am going to attend similar concert very soon keke

I can imagine the condition at that time. Your description about the fans was very lively. I like your description to the fans like 'The fan girls screamed like lion’s roar'. I totally laughed when I read this. Good use of simile!
I have some advice for you. May be you could describe a little bit more about the environment of the stadium and the performance of the stars. And be careful of the tenses.

Thank you for your essay! I enjoy it every much xDD

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