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If you are admitted to the second round of our application process, you can apply for financial support for travel expenses within the United States. (If you qualify for application fee waivers at the other colleges you’re applying to, that’s a good sign you qualify for travel support for Deep Springs here.) We make alternative arrangements for international students who cannot afford to travel here as applicants. Please don’t let fear of the travel cost stop you from applying.

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I was also ill as I foresaw myself drowning in a murky pool of reading assignments and finals, hearing a deep, depressing voice ask "What can you do with your life?" Since then, I've settled comfortably into the college "scene" and have treated myself to the myth that I'll hear my calling someday, and that my future will introduce itself to me with a h...

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It is all too easy to fall into traditional modes of self-presentation when applying to colleges. But since Deep Springs is unusual, it is hard to tell from “usual” essays how well a student might fare here. This means our essay questions should bring you to a stop for an hour or two.

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