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Don’t forget to organize your death penalty argument essay using the outline you’ve created, a lack of coherence in your argument costs a lot of points. The most effective and simple outline looks like this:

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Argumentative essays are not fun. At least, not as fun as descriptive essays and admission essays, when you simply have to talk in a beautiful manner about something, someone or yourself. When it comes to other types of essays, you need to follow a string of rules to make it meet academic standards. Aren’t you already bored to death? Because we are. But don’t worry, years of painful experience in writing forced us to develop a set of tricks which will help you create any kind of essay, even something as difficult as a death penalty argumentative essay.

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Introduction: Forget about the infamous first line – “In this essay, the problem of the death penalty will be addressed.” Though it is true that the argumentative essay is one of the most formal kinds of essays, you don’t want to make your reader fall asleep at the first line, right? He or she should at least make it to the second paragraph! Which means that you need a hook – an intriguing starting phrase that will catch your reader’s attention.

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Why did we say that argumentative essays on the death penalty are difficult? We are neither trying to scare nor discourage you before you have started, we just want to prepare you. Beware of argumentative essays because: