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Who: Breton, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, many of the Dadaists3.

and Dadaism is a movement in Art following the First World War ..

In 1917, after a year of Dada evenings and Dada mayhem, Cabaret Voltaire was forced to close down, and the Dada group moved their activities to a new gallery on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse. Shortly after the closing of the cabaret, Ball left Zurich and the Romanian poet Tzara took over Dada's direction. An ambitious and skilled promoter, Tzara began a relentless campaign to spread the ideas of Dada. As Huelsenbeck recalled, as Dada gained momentum, Tzara took on the role of a prophet by bombarding French and Italian artists and writers with letters about Dada activities. "In Tzara's hands," he declared, "Dadaism achieved great triumphs."[] Irreverent and wildly imaginative, Tzara was to emerge as Dada's potent leader and master strategist.

From expressionism to Dadaism types of work ranged by all means of the artist.

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For the Dadaists, publications served to distinguish and define Dada in the many cities it infiltrated and allowed its major figures to assert their power and position. As Dada took hold in cities throughout Europe, each manifestation was unique, reflecting the city's own artistic and social climates. Every incarnation of Dada spurred a proliferation of new journals and reviews that announced Dada activities, attracted new members, and further established a Dada program.

An experimental film so provocatively surreal, that at times it's a throwback to Dada.

Nakajima's accompanying piece to his earlier 'Iron' is another meditative but much more cryptic and surreal poetic visual essay on technology, poetry and nature.

In this manner, New Realism reveals its links with Dada in general and the readymades of Marcel Duchamp in particular.

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One group of artists, however, decided to rebel against the rebellion and, instead of adopting Dadaism, started their own movement to further emphasized the role of the unconscious; employing psychology in a more orderly and serious manner[5]....


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Duchamp's 'ready mades' likewise tended to start life as objects of unmitigated ordinariness: the snow shovel, urinal and hat rack.Other significant artists connected with the Dada Movement are Man Ray (1890-1976), whose basic tool was the camera and who invented the rayograph (an object placed on photographic paper was briefly exposed), Francis Picabia (1878-1953), an eclectic artist; Jean Arp (1887-1966), a poet and a sculptor, and Max Ernst (1891-1976) a collagist who was to become one of the great Surrealist painters.Writers and poets, such as Hugo Ball (1886-1927) and Tristan Tzara (1896-1963), were at least as prominent as the artists.

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Dada gave much to the Surrealist Movement and was finally absorbed by it in Paris in the mid-1920s.Surrealism probably had more influence on twentieth century art than any other movement except Cubism.

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Surrealism and abstract art have similar origins, “but they diverge on their interpretation of what those origins mean to the aesthetic of art[2].” It all started after World War I with Tristan Tzara and the Dada movement’s desire to attack society through scandal and ugliness.

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In the early part of the twentieth century, literary and artistic reviews were the primary means by which the creative community exchanged ideas and remained in communication. The journal was a vehicle for promoting emerging styles, establishing new theories, and creating a context for understanding new visual forms. These reviews played a pivotal role in forming the spirit and identity of movements such as Dada and Surrealism and served to spread their messages throughout Europe and the United States.