The essential core of culture consist of traditional values.

When a person enters a new culture, there are many noticeable differences from his/her own culture.

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This will allow the reader to grasp a greater understanding pertaining to cultural differences and opposing views regarding healthcare practices, nutrition, and numerous other important aspects of daily life....

These differences have been labelled culture-shock and culture-stress.

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Historically, before India’s independence from the British Indian Empire in 1947, people mistakenly essentialized India and America’s cultures to traditions from the East and West, respectively.

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The misleading term "culture contact" doesn't begin to express the dramatic effects of changes brought by outsiders the shock of "contact" has taken many forms, initially, at least, to indigenous people just the physical presence of outsiders was shocking.

This research paper focuses on comparing marriage practices in American and Indian culture.

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In their effort to adjust with the new culture and extensive responsibilities, they feel mostly under pressure and tend to spend more time in workplaces to sort out things at the earliest.

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The article questioned the significance of national culture to managers faced with a global business, claiming that “large parts of people’s behaviour cannot be explained by cultural values or shared perception, and called for a different definition of national culture”.

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Many studies conducted, have shown that the influence of other cultures and religions have made an impression on the ideas of Indian men that have resulted in alterations to certain behaviors, attire, possession and customs....

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They both offered me pieces, and encouraged me to research about the context in which these art works had been produced. I discovered my own culture, through powerful artistic expressions by those such as the Songye, the Chokwe, or the Mangbetu people of the Congo.