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The Crucible Abigail Williams: "I am but God's finger, John

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the character Abigail Williams is in love with John Proctor, ..

Act 1- The Crucible
Character Analysis : Abigail Williams
Abigail is most manipulative because she has her friends and the whole town believing this whole idea which based on a lie
She also is trying to manipulate John Proctor into believing his wife is a bad person and he is really in love with her
The Affair
ABIGAIL: Sometimes I wake and find myself standing in the open doorway and not a stitch on my body!

The Crucible Play Character Analysis ;

In winter 1691/1692 Abigail Williams and Betty Parris began to behave erratically. According to the eyewitness Deodatus Reverend Lawson, Parris predecessor, the two children had seizures during which she ran with her arms flailing through the room, ducked under chairs, trying to climb up the chimney, spoken strange languages ​​and contorted their bodies unnaturally. The villagers of Salem was worried. Abigail was accused by the neighbors to hex her cousin. The physician William Griggs diagnosed after detailed examination and the exclusion of all the known mental disorders that the girls were possessed by the devil. The girls seemed to be dislocated by the invisible hand of the devil. Abigail and Elizabeth confirmed this by describing how they should be tormented by invisible hands.

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