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Compare —"Are you now or were you ever a member of the Communist Party?"—with the question that haunts The Crucible—"Did you see (insert name here) with the Devil?"And compare the life of protagonist John Proctor with one of the many people whose lives were derailed because they were accused of being a Communist.

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People like Elizabeth who are willing to acknowledge their flaws will help to rebuild communal belonging
Who's out and who's in?
The question must drive and shape your response.
Your thesis or line of argument must be developed and sustained.

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Abigail as an orphan and a servant believes that she is an outsider.
The potential of the individual to enrich or challenge a community or group: Consider how Abigail, the Putnams and the girls destroy any vestige of communal belonging in Salem, and how the courageous actions of individuals such as Proctor, Rebecca and Giles help to restore sanity and reason.
Aspects of Belonging
"The Crucible" is a modern tragedy of the common person who chooses, after acknowledging his or her flaws, to take a stand for what he or she believes in rather than conform and "belong".

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