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The essays in Critical Approaches to Joseph Conrad extend these conversations, ..

Critical Essays on the Poetry of Tennyson (Routledge 1960)

Despite incessant warnings that a concert of such a large magnitude was not the best idea, the Stones went ahead with it in light of criticism they’d received regarding their ticket prices being too high....

Winston O'Boogie, is probably the most merciless of the critics, skewering Hollywood values in the Jabootu tradition.

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In fact, user comments to his negative review of a critically acclaimed film (for example, one of the reasons why he gave a negative review of is due to him personally not being a fan of and that he loathed every time that Charlie Brown failed, which is actually a popular in the comic strip) tend to be directed towards him.

Shepherd, Ken Wilber, Up from Eden: A Critical Assessment of Ken Wilber's Early Writings, August 2013

Now, I think a huge reason why I didn't find this movie so horrible is because I went in with hugely low expectations based on the trailer, so the few funny and likable parts of the film to me were a huge success....

His vitriolic responses to Lovecraft critics such as Daniel Jose Older and Charles Baxter are proudly displayed on his blog.

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More specifically, the critical social theory and critical education theory considers the relationship between social change and social struggle (Clark, 2006)....

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This is because, no power could be so “dissatisfied that it questioned the legitimacy of the entire order.” (83 p.145 Kupchan.) Some may argue that the concert was not created to maintain peace, because their intervention in states such as Spain was done to drive their own self interest....

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Killham, John, ed. (Routledge 1960). The complete book is available open-access. Contents: Tennyson, A Review of Modern Criticism, by John Killham; The Age of Tennyson, by G. M. Young; Tennyson as a Modern Poet, by Arthur J. Carr; Tennyson and Picturesque Poetry, by H. M. McLuhan; Tennyson and the Romantic Epic, by H. M. McLuhan; Tennyson's Garden of Art: A Study of "The Hesperides," by G. Robert Stange; Symbolism in Tennyson's Minor Poems, by Elizabeth Hillman Waterston; The "high-born maiden" Symbol in Tennyson, by Lionel Stevenson; Tennyson's Mythology: A study of "Demeter and Persephone," by G. Robert Strange; The Dilemma of Tennyson, by W. W. Robson; Tennyson's "Ulysses": A Re-interpretation, by E. J. Chiasson; The Motivation of Tennyson's Weeper, by Cleanth Brooks; "Tears, Idle Tears," by Graham Hough; "Tears, Idle Tears" Again, by Leo Spitzer; , by T. S. Eliot; Tennyson's "Maud": The Function of the Imagery, by John Killham; Tennyson's , by F. E. L. Priestley. .

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It got to the point where John Solomon, of "These Webcomics are Bad and You Should Feel Bad", actually demanded that they remove quotes of his, as he felt that the "nasty critic" schtick was overdone.

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Most Caustic Critics belong to one of three types of reviewers: those who thrive on and give only negative reviews, those who review both good or bad recent works but consider merciless panning the only way to criticize the bad ones, and those who don't really care about honestly reviewing anything (without necessarily only panning, either) and are doing the whole thing for alone.