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For this paper, I will ask you to research any fairy tale of your choosing-- so long as it is not among those tales assigned as part of the course syllabus.

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One useful addition to this text would have been an index and/or appendixes. Despite my appreciation for the chronological approach, I would have liked to have been able to look up tales at least by country, if not by tale type as well. Even simple lists at the end of the book would have been helpful, but this is a minor criticism.

Please talk about what you learned, if you think fairy tales influence our culture, and if you agree or disagree with your chosen critical essay.

Jones’s and Schacker's is not simply another fairy-tale collection but a true contribution to scholarship and a powerful statement on the future of fairy-tale studies. In weaving together tales from around the world and scholarship from a variety of disciplines, the editors make a strong case for a fresh look at the fairy-tale form. While I highly recommend this book overall, I especially recommend it for use in classrooms: it demonstrates the diversity, beauty, and endurance of fairy tales and should be a delightful surprise to undergraduates who come in thinking fairy tales are all the sugar-coated Disney stories they remember from when they were small. I am certain that I too will refer back to this text again and again.

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We will also read modern tales in the mode of folklore by authors like Hans Christian Andersen, as well as Charlotte Brontë’s novel Jane Eyre, which is deeply informed by the conventions and themes of fairy tales, and contemporary stories in the literary fairy tale tradition.

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Another gratifying aspect of the anthology is its inclusion of fairy-tale criticism. As the editors note, “someone who has even a casual acquaintance with fairy tales [has been] influenced as much by fairy-tale criticism as by fairy tales themselves” (37). The critical introductions to the tales, along with the second part of the anthology devoted exclusively to criticism, all offer fantastic insights and perspectives. A particular strength of the criticism as a whole is the choice to include fairy-tale scholars from a variety of disciplines—established and influential scholars from folklore studies, literary studies, comparative studies, and various language studies are all given the chance to present their views on the fairy tale. This interdisciplinary approach seems to reflect the editors’ stance regarding the most productive future moves for fairy-tale studies overall.

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This said, the most striking thing about the anthology is certainly its welcome diversity. While the editors are quick to point out that they “make no claim to representation of global tale traditions” and “gravitated towards traditions that have generated at least a modest body of scholarship and are on the minds of specialists working on the fairy tale today” (38), they still manage to present a far more international collection than is typical. Tales included represent Egypt, Puerto Rico, and Russia, for example, along with the more expected countries of Italy, Germany, and France. The tales chosen are frequently not the common ones either—unfamiliar but still important and fascinating stories are given the spotlight here in an unprecedented way. Many of these less familiar tales are attributed to women, and the editors’ attention to the frequent silencing of their voices is appreciated. The inclusion of both oral transcriptions and modern/postmodern retellings is a refreshing element of diversity as well.

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I'm not sure that I remember exactly what I was expecting when I first opened , edited by Christine A. Jones and Jennifer Schacker, but what I got was certainly better. Far from a standard collection of the same overly anthologized fairy tales, of which there are hundreds, Jones’s and Schacker's collection of stories and criticism transcends the standard anthology to become something quite new and exciting. Describing their text as a “journey through fairy tale history” (15) seems an apt way of approaching an anthology that pieces together the many different countries, time periods, academic disciplines, theoretical approaches, and people who have interacted with the fairy-tale form.