A Critical Essay on the Book by Don DeLillo.

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Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise tells the bizarre story of how Jack Gladney and his family illustrate the postmodern ideas of religion, death, and popular culture.

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Streitfeld, David. "Don DeLillo's Gloomy Muse: The PEN/FaulknerWinner & His Novels of Conspiracy." 14 May 1992. Sec. C: 1, 4. In a New York Italian restaurant, DeLillosays he's not reclusive, and discusses the J. D. Salinger photograph,terrorism, TV, a passage in John Cheever's journals ("thetask of the American writer is [...] to describe 400 people underthe lights reaching for a foul ball [...] The sense of moral judgmentsembedded in a migratory vastness"), and crowds.

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Streitfield, David. "Don DeLillo's Hidden Truths.", 11 Nov. 1997: D1. Discusses Underworld,what DeLillo picks up while riding the subway, the "currentcraze for videotaped repetition," the unnerving connectednessof the modern world, and the challenge for the novelist to describeit.

Fry, Donn.

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Don Delillo, the author of the novel White Noise shows how distractions are nothing more than a mental turmoil towards the characters in the novel and this is proved in several different circumstances.

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Connolly, Kevin. "An Interview with Don DeLillo.". Edited by Linda Spalding and MichaelOndaatje. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1991. 260-69. An interviewconducted "in Toronto in 1988" offers an in-depth discussionof and related topics, including: ,dialogue, , "the paranoid school of Americanfiction," and film.

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Goldstein, William. "PW Interviews: Don DeLillo." 19 Aug. 1988: 55-6. DeLillo tells wherehe was on November 22, 1963, explains why he's giving more interviewsabout Libra than he has in connection with previous works ("is grounded in history" and, since it addresses "atragic and crucial event," he felt "a certain responsibility"to discuss it). An in-depth discussion of .

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Passaro, Vince. "Dangerous Don DeLillo." 19 May 1991. Sec. 6: 34-36, 38, 76-77. Over the courseof several meetings in a New York restaurant, DeLillo providesmore biographical information than he usually does, and commentson , images, Catholicism, terrorism, and Salman Rushdie.