This film was directed by Elia Kazan in 1949

made an impression in international film festivals and gained critical praise

called 3 Women a "funny, moving" film, ..

The big outfits raised the pink film into the mainstream via higherproduction values, compelling narratives and superior direction, a formula thatproved potent both from a commercial and critical perspective.From the pink film was spawned a wild subgenre that came tobe known as “pinky violence,” in which studios amped up the sex and violencequotient of the female swordplay, women in prison and girl gang film.

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And while most pinky violence filmswere set in contemporary Japan, the Poisonous Seductress trilogy unfolds duringthe Sengoku, or warring states period (between the 15th to 17th centuries),familiar to viewers of such Kurosawa epics as .

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The pinky violence influence also lives on in suchQuentin Tarantino epics as and .Toei’s late-sixties “Legends of the Poisonous Seductress”trilogy, recently brought to DVD by Synapse Films (in association with PanikHouse Entertainment), was in the vanguard of the pinky violence movement.

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