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Native Son (1940) is a novel written by the African American author Richard Wright

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Duffus, Matthew. A short biography of Wright by Prof. Duffus for Includes a list of books by Richard Wright, recommended reading, and information about Wright's manuscripts and papers.

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Classical autobiographies focused on public figures, were, largely, written by men, and works theorizing autobiography primarily treated men's life writing.

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These ideas on demarcation and induction formed slowly as Popper conducted endless discussions and debates with members of the inner Vienna Circle (Viktor Kraft and Herbert Feigl) and others on the periphery, such as Heinrich Gomperez. It was Herbert Feigl, after a nightlong session, who proposed that Popper should write a book. Hacohen provides a dramatic account of the writing, revision and publication of Logik der Forschung in 1934, one of a series of monographs produced by the Vienna Circle (it appeared in English in 1959 as The Logic of Scientific Discovery). All manner of problems intruded, political tensions were on the rise, the inner Circle members were divided on the acceptability of the book, Popper’s first effort had to be cut almost in half, the editor procrastinated for months before reading the manuscript, Popper was madly impatient to get into print and rubbed everyone up the wrong way, there were paper shortages, other books to be considered for publication in the series.

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He shows that with each successive work, Wright delved further into the question of how living under a constant menace of physical violence affected his protagonists and how they might “free” themselves by overcoming their fear of death and redeploying death as the ground for their struggle.Drawing on psychoanalytic, Marxist, and phenomenological analyses, and on Orlando Patterson’s notion of social death, JanMohamed develops comprehensive, insightful, and original close readings of Wright’s major publications: his short-story collection ; his novels , , , and ; and his autobiography .

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Excerpts from major literary criticism on Richard Wright, includes a by Ann Rayson, a short article on Wright's poetry, and background articles on the Great Depression. , Univ. of Illinois, ed. Bill Mullen.

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These photographs show the orignal typescript of the poem "Night Flowing River" as written by Brautigan in Japan in 1984.

"Yoru ni nagareru kawa." [Tokyo, Japan] Evening Edition 6 June 1983: 5.
Translated by Shuntaro Tanikawa.

First publication; first publication in Japanese

"Richard Brautigan: Tokyo and Montana." 9(5) February/March 1984: 9.
Featured this poem, a story titled "The Lost tree," and a photograph of Brautigan by Toby Thompson.

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A selective list of online literary criticism for African American novelist, short story writer, political essayist, and poet Richard Wright, favoring signed articles by recognized scholars and articles published in peer-reviewed sources

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Athens: Ohio UP, 1976 - collection of essays by short story writers and critics approaching short story as a genre form; good annotated bibliography (PN 3373 .S39)