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Critical appraisal is most aptly applied to quantitative studies that look at the effectiveness of different health and medical interventions, eg randomised or blinded controlled trials, crossover trials, meta-analyses or systematic reviews.

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Critical appraisal means being able to look at a piece of research in an objective and structured way to decide how valid it is compared to other research. This page provides you with a number of resources (including appraisal checklists for various study designs) to help you do this.

The purpose of this report is to conduct a critical appraisal of a published article

identify the limitations of published studies
finish with summery of major points
first write the full name then you can write abbreviations as you go along
avoid bullet points
always write texts and discuss ( CRITICAL APPRAISAL ) CRITISISE ARTICLES
use dermatological terms – erythematous instead of RED – use pruritus instead of itching
use cohesive devices and linking words in addition, however. although, despite, on the other hand

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