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All in all, these elements in criminal profiling have helped it become what it is today.

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Psychological Profiling is very effective because it uses the style and nature of the crime to apprehend its offender and has a higher closing rate than cases used without it....

Criminal profilers have been used to close many police and federal cases.

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In a theory, the polices rely on criminal profiling to catch criminals, educate the public about a possible criminal, and confirm the witnesses’ accounts.

Most importantly, if racial profiling exists what steps do we take to correct it.

The suggestion in relation to the use of the profile was that Hartwig was already considered to be a suspect in the case and that the interviews lent themselves to a psychological judgment error or heuristic known as the “confirmation bias” whereby people set out with a preconceived idea and seek out information that will ultimately support this notion. Equally important is the fact that people laboring under the confirmation bias have a tendency to ignore or demean information that may refute their initial hypothesis. The danger with using an offender profile is that it can provide vastly inflated assurances to investigators that they have identified the offender because a suspect they have identified as being of interest is a match. Paradoxically, one of the key aims of profiling is to narrow the suspect pool; the danger comes when investigators put too much faith in the profile— either through necessity (where other evidence is lacking) and/or else though a misunderstanding of the theory, methods, and limitations of offender profiling more widely. The case involving Colin Stagg and one of the UK’s then best known profilers, Paul Britton, demonstrates this most vividly.

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In the Hedunit, the profiler does not catch the criminal. That’s for local law enforcement. He takes the meeting. Often, he doesn’t write down his predictions. It’s up to the visiting police officers to take notes. He does not feel the need to involve himself in the subsequent investigation, or even, it turns out, to justify his predictions. Once, Douglas tells us, he drove down to the local police station and offered his services in the case of an elderly woman who had been savagely beaten and sexually assaulted. The detectives working the crime were regular cops, and Douglas was a bureau guy, so you can imagine him perched on the edge of a desk, the others pulling up chairs around him.

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Racial profiling in America is one that needs to be addressed by the government and society if we ever want America to truly be, "The Land of The Free." One of the main examples of racial profiling is called DWB (Driving While Black).

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Whenever there is mention of serial killers or unsolved murders or abductions, psychological profiling, floats to the top of the list of concerns (Egger, 1999).

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Even though racial profiling reduces crime, officers should not engage in it for the reason that it is unconstitutional and a form of discrimination against citizens.