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Instructions:I am seventeen years old and would be the first of 3 brothers including parents to attend a four year college pursuing a degree in criminal justice. Played basketball in as a ninth grader played football in 10th and 11th grade. Community service - special olympics, batter shelter for women clean up, cleanup city etc. Donating to the salvation army and the Cheyenne river Sioux reservation.
I am a leader.
My father is a retired captain for department of corrections for the state of XX. and now head of security for XX Middle school. My family history has kept me interested in criminal justice.
This essay is for admission to XX University. I am in the process of applying but I am stuck on the essay part. I am a senior at high school. The question is why do i want to attend the university.
The major I wish to pursue is Criminal Justice.
I forgot to mention I have had a part time job since last November and managed to get good grades as a full time senior. Holding a job at the age of sixteen and now I am seventeen shows I am a responsible young man.

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The analysis and critical of the concepts in this long essay will go a long way to bring to the fore the fundamentality of the knowledge of the concept in our legal system. Secondly, this study will give a great insight on what to look out for in suits bothering on criminal responsibility and the defense of insanity. Thirdly, this study will go a long way in helping in the detection of crime and good administration of justice under the Nigerian legal system.

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In terms of the subject matter of the long essay, the scope shall basically concern the concept of criminal responsibility and the defense of insanity in the Nigerian jurisdiction. However, the research on these concepts cannot be treated in isolation; therefore, references may be made of other aspects of law from time to time to drive home our point.

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