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I read it thoroughly it is very simple and effective essay on Global terrorism

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When a person downloads music, movie, video, eBook, games and various software(software piracy) by violating copyrights –this is one of the cyber crime.

It's a vicious and ugly reminder of anti-gay prejudice. What is unique about hate crimes is that they terrorize the whole community.

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In a 3- to 4-page (1,500-2,000 words) essay describe what data you will be collecting (e.g., newspaper stories, journal articles, interview surveys, government data, key informant interviews, etc.), how are you to collect the data (e.g., original data, secondary data, online data, published reports, etc.), and how are they going to be organized and analyzed (e.g., statistical analysis, content analysis, historical analysis, etc.). Please structure the essay in four sections: Design and Methods, Data and Sample, Analytical Techniques, and Design and Data Limitations. Be as specific as you can to the point that anybody in the class can read it, understand it, and execute the plan presented in the write-up. Read McShane & Williams III (2008) (pp. 105-130) for detailed guidance.

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The issue of hate groups has been plaguing this country for many decades but only in recent years have they begun to organize to the tune of committing massive acts of violence and terror.

There is also the push from these groups to recruit military personnel as stated in an essay written by a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S.

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This type of crime is done when a person’s computer broken into by an unauthorized users. So, the personal and sensitive information is stolen by the unauthorized person. The criminal uses a variety of software to hack a person’s computer irrespective its location.

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1. Compare and contrast transitional organized crime (TOC) and terrorism. Describe similarities and differences between TOC and terrorism and explain which is of more concern to you. Support your response.

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All of these crimes are of heightened relevance that requires the immediate assistance of law enforcement personnel of local, state, and federal agencies because of anonymity and how quickly these crimes can...

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To conclude, the document presents interesting information about the definitions, motivations, similarities, and differences between organized crime and terrorism.

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And he moved the tyranny and suppression of freedom to his own country, and they called it the Patriot Act under the disguise of fighting terrorism.

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On the other hand, the article highlights the importance of the effects that globalization and Information Technology (IT) have provided to the development and expansion of the different presentations of organized crime and terrorism.

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Furthermore, according to the authors, the definitions about crime presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United Nations (UN), and the International Police (INTERPOL) coincide in some terms regarding the essence of organized crime.