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Creative Writing majors at Emory may apply for one of two Grace Abernethy Scholarships, one that recognizes achievements in any of the genres taught in Creative Writing, and one recognizing achievement specifically in the nonfiction genre. The Grace Abernethy Scholarships are financial awards from the Grace K.J. Abernethy Fund. The funds are dispersed through the Hawaii Community Foundation -- majors from Hawaii receive preference -- but the award may be made to natives of other states.

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Every year the Program in Creative Writing awards up to $7,000 to undergraduates at various stages in their studies. The following prizes are awarded at the end of the spring semester at a special ceremony and reading. Please read the criteria carefully; most students are eligible to apply for more than one prize. See the exact deadlines for each prize below; most are due on March 15, though the thesis prizes are not due until April 23. E-mail your entries as pdf attachments to . In the subject line of your e-mail, write the full name of the prize to which you are applying, as listed below. In the body of the e-mail, please include your full name, current address, @wisc email, alternate non-wisc email, phone number, and the creative writing courses you've taken this year (if any), as well as the names of the instructors who taught them. All currently enrolled students are eligible to apply to the Hill and Muller awards, regardless of their enrollment in creative writing courses.

To apply for either scholarship, you must be a declared Creative Writing major, but may be at any stage of completing the requirements. Submit a hard (printed) copy cover sheet with your name, the scholarship for which you're applying, your student I.D. number, address, telephone number, e-mail address, your class status, and which courses you've taken so far to fulfill the major (i.e., Creative Writing workshops and upper-level English lit courses) to the Creative Writing Program, N209 Callaway Center. For the non-genre-specfiic Grace Abernethy Scholarship, submit work in any genre, or a mixture of genres, but no more than 20 pages total; this may be several pieces (please number the pages).

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Finding creative scholarships is not as difficult as it may seem. Two prime resources for scholarship information are your high school guidance counselor, and your college financial aid adviser. They regularly receive up to date information on scholarship programs that are active across the country, and are happy to pass that information on to you. Your teachers and instructors are also a good source for scholarship information. For example, if you are interested in studying art, consult your high school art teacher about scholarship opportunities he or she may have first hand experience with. Music students will want to speak with their schools music director, or any private music tutors they may have, about possible scholarships.

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($1,000) is awarded annually to a recipient judged to be the most promising Senior English Major with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. All applicants to the Felix Pollak and Eudora Welty Thesis Prizes will be considered for the Cy Howard Memorial Scholarship (for this prize only, there is no need to submit multiple times to be considered for multiple awards).

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