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Argument essay on corporal punishment - …

Argument essay on corporal punishment

An offshoot of this section is the pages, organised alphabetically by country and, for the USA, by State. All these schools announce that they use corporal punishment and give varying amounts of detail. There are now about 1,800 of these handbook links, covering Australia (1), Bahamas (2), Barbados (5), Ghana (7), Grenada (1), Kenya (2), Malaysia (9), Nigeria (3), Northern Mariana Islands (2), Pakistan (2), Philippines (2), Singapore (106), South Africa (3), Tanzania (1), Zambia (2), Zimbabwe (4) and the USA (about 1,600).

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Evaluation argument on corporal punishment in schools.

All press cuttings or other factual material relevant to corporal punishment gratefully received. Please quote source and date if at all possible.

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