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Estimates of the metal fabrication time saved via NC cutting for one-off construction will typically range from 40 to 60 percent of the hull building labor, depending on the builder, and on the degree to which the boat is pre-cut.

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We produce accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities for main contractors tendering on projects to assist them in submitting competitive tenders for their projects. We use Vector Quantity Surveying & Estimating software which provides a fully integrated approach to the preparation and use of documentation for the procurement and control of construction projects and also allows us to produce Bills of Quantities and detailed Estimates for main contractors and sub-contractors.

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Geography, Computer Science.

You will learn how to prepare engineering drawings, operate a personal computer, take field measurements, assess the bearing properties of soils, design structures (including buildings and reservoirs), roads and railways, deal with water purification and manage people and projects.


Communication Skills I, Computer Skills I, Mathematics I and II, Drawing I and II, Construction Materials I, Construction Methods I, Surveying I, Surveying (Civil) II, Applied Mechanics I, Theory of Structures II, Management (Civil) I.

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The actual prices quoted by yards will often vary considerably from the above approximate guide, depending on the yard's accustomed "quality level," their overhead costs, their market, their typical customer types, and on how busy they may happen to be when the construction cost estimate is solicited.

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At USD $9.20 per pound, we can see that the builder in that case was obviously highly motivated and that the price was extremely favorable, especially in light of the above mentioned cost increasing factors. A more realistic price for that vessel in the hands of a more typical US builder would have been somewhere around USD $12 plus per pound at the time it was originally estimated for construction (1999).

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But if we suppose that such was the mode in which the Gothic style was introduced into Europe, a difficulty occurs in the name by which it has become generally known; for why should it be termed if its origin was in Palestine? In answer to this, it may be sufficient to state that this name is commonly agreed to be the product of the dislike entertained against it by the architects of the sixteenth century, who, being desirous to establish the Italian style, in their devotion to the works of Vitruvius and Palladio, called the eastern style , in order to express their opinion of its comparative barbarism. ['A pedantic affectation of Italian taste' says Pugin, (1. vol. p. 10) had branded the pointed arch and all the buildings constructed on its principles, with the opprobrious term , an epithet inconsiderately applied, merely as designating something barbarous and devoid of regular design.] All late writers seem to admit that this name is every way objectionable; and many other appellations have been suggested as more appropriate. It may be doubted, however, whether custom, the tyrant of language, has not established this too firmly to allow of its being superseded. But if another term could be generally agreed on, perhaps the Eastern style, or the Ecclesiastical style, would be preferable to most of the phrases recommended by writers on the subject.

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Our estimate of the time required to generate NC cutting files for this fairly "typical" 38 foot metal tug-yacht example is between 150 and 170 hours. The cut files for such a project usually include all internal structure for the hull, deck and house structures, except for extrusions such as longitudinals or pipe guards, etc. In other words, all frames, girders, tank ends, tank faces, large cut-outs, tank lids, etc. will be pre-cut. The NC cutting files also include all hull and superstructure plating as well as the rudder internals and plating. Small parts such as cleats and hatches are not detailed for NC cutting, however chain plates, anchor roller cheeks, and reinforcement insert plates are included.