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Here, the question is how best to avoid, or deal with, a conflict of interest.

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An introduction to the German language and the culture of the German-speaking world. Beginning of a survey of basic German grammar and the development of the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing German. Some aspects of everyday life in the German-speaking world will also be introduced. Institutional option: Work with other media (audio, video, and/or computer) outside of class is required.

A course designed to introduce students to the science of nutrition and how it impacts their lives.

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An introduction to the fundamental concepts of graph theory. Topics include isomorphisms, Euler graphs, Hamiltonian graphs, graph colorings, trees, networks, planarity.

The kinematics and kinetics of particles and extended rigid bodies moving in a plane.

An examination of the philosophy, ethics and practice of oral history, with specific training in interview and transcription techniques, and the use of oral history in historical research and analysis.

An survey of modern Africa from the end of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to the present.

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This course introduces students to the concepts and process of research. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies are discussed. Students will become informed consumers of research and thus develop and understanding of how to integrate research into decision making. Students will develop skills to conduct their own research related to the operation of sport organizations.

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This course provides the opportunity to offer course content and topics that may not be covered by other course titles. Titles and descriptions of specific courses will be identified at the time of offering. The course may be repeated for credit.

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This course is designed to develop student understanding and competencies necessary regarding designing, planning, and controlling of sport facilities and sport event logistics. Topics include: scheduling the sport facility, planning and scheduling of sport events, box office management, security and supervision of facility events, safety and medical services, housekeeping and maintenance, concessions and merchandise, risk management and insurance, media marketing of sport events, sponsorship of and hospitality at sport events, and assessment of the sport event.

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An introduction for the student of the theatre experience, this course delves into analysis of both the script and the actual performance. Students will also examine current trends in theatre on broadway, off-broadway, and in regional companies. The student will be expected to attend and write about one theatre production.

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This course emphasizes the management component of sport management. More specifically, the course will focus on means of improving performance within sports organizations. Several areas will be discusses to that effect, such as developing goals, making decisions, strategic planning, leadership, and human resource management. Requires an overall GPA of at least 2.50.