can you tell us how to write paragraph please ?

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If the instructions ask what your essay believes, then use “this essay will”. If the instructions ask what YOU think, then you must write I think. It’s very simple and very logical. It isn’t a trick question. Answer directly or get a lower score. See this page:

how would you write an introduction for essays that cannot be easily paraphrased. for example

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At UTS students are usually admitted to a law degree on the strength of very good school-leaving results or upon successful completion of an undergraduate degree. As a general rule, both cohorts have strong writing skills. However, we identified that when students were invited to self-assess their own writing using the formal rubric they tended to over-rate their writing. If law students are not taught how to assess their own written work meaningfully while at university, they will be unlikely to learn this skill in practice. Yet it is in legal practice that the skill is most needed. The professional and ethical obligations that are imposed on legal practitioners mean that they must be mindful of what and how they write at all times. Most of what lawyers do involves reading, writing and critiquing correspondence, evidence, advice and instructions.

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By highlighting these sentences AWA focuses the evaluator’s attention on the rhetorical moves of introducing and concluding, while, as we have pointed out, it does not give any clue concerning the clarity of the statements. It is up to the evaluator to assess if these statements are relevant, well written, or if the conclusion matches the aims set in the introduction.

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I only have two available at present. The next lesson should be ready to buy at the end of this month (hopefully) which is the adv disadv essay. If I have time, I’ll also add a couple of writing task 2 lessons as well this year.
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Concluding an essay without saying in conclusion paragraph

You need to provide the full essay question, not the topic. As I explained in my essay, each essay responds to the exact question and the way it is written. Send me the full essay question with the above message again and I’ll give you an answer. If you don’t have the full essay question, don’t use it and try one that is a real test question.
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Concluding an essay without saying in conclusion to

Today, after watching your opinion essay video, I picked up one Agree/Disagree essay topic related to Television ( People become lazy and unsocial ). I could write only 215 words.

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I watched your Opinion essay video today. Everything seems to be easy while watching your video which I think is because of your clear explanations. But when I sit down to practice on my own I find it very difficult to write 250 words. 🙁

Concluding an essay without saying in conclusion sentence

Thanks lot Liz.
So I will try to do as you do and keep it in the introduction paragraph, however I am guessing it wouldn’t cost me any marks if I forgot myself and used “I believe” in a body paragraph right? I am also assuming that the same would apply for for all kinds of essays where our opinion is required (in other words all kind of articles that we write”In my opinion,” for the thesis sentence) right?

Concluding an essay without saying in conclusion ..

Hello Liz,
In my school, our teachers taught us to consider both positive and negative aspects of the topic. Not just to write about the aspect you support but also to talk about the other side as counter balance. But in the essay given, it only talks about the supported aspect. Can you please tell me which is the best way of writing an argumentative essay?