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Here Come the Mirror Men - Why the Future is Metrosexual

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80 Interesting Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Topics

I don't have much interest in changing the minds of self-described creationists on the matter of evolution and creation, although they seem to have a great interest in changing mine. Christian creationists are saved. I fully expect to see them in Heaven when we get there. I expect that they will have a few surprises when God reveals to them everything about His creation of the universe. I expect to have some surprises myself! But those are questions for God when we sit on His lap and He holds us tightly in His almighty loving arms. We will just have to wait. John 3:16 states the formula for being saved, and it says nothing concerning one's ideas about creation.

Mark Simpson's 1994 essay in the Independent which coined the term 'metrosexual'.

Gould and Wise also seem to concur on another related point: that the haphazard evolutionary path that eventually led to Homo sapiens is unlike what an would plan. Would God use such a scattershot approach, full of dead ends and lengthy historical detours, to bring forth the crowning glory of his creation? We would prefer to see a smoother path of development. As a software developer, I certainly would!

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