Compare And Contrast Essay On Hurricanes And Tornadoes

Compare contrast essay on hurricanes tornadoes

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Title: Marshmallow and Pretzel Sensory Writing
Description: This language arts lesson applies hands-on materials to help students apply the sensory details need for writing. It also incorporates writing skills for comparing and contrasting. In addition, students will utilize Thinkfinity Interactive to write poetry using sensory words.
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Title: Library of Congress Classification System
Description: In this lesson students will be introduced to the Library of Congress Classification System. They will compare and contrast it to the Dewey Decimal System. Students will determine where information on different topics would be located using each system.
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Compare Contrast Essay On Hurricanes Tornadoes

Title: Passport to the Great Wars
Description: In this unit plan students will be examining the causes, events, and consequences of the First World War. To launch this project students will be create passports that they will use throughout this unit and in the World War II unit. The content for this unit is taught via a layered curriculum document (attached). During the course of this project students may earn passport stamps by mastering content objectives (quizzes, tests, standards based assessments) and completing layered curriculum products (front page news articles, trench diagrams, personalities brainflips cards, quizlet vocabulary, etc.). After examining the causes and events of the war, students will participate in a mock Treaty of Versailles (see ALEX Lesson Plan ID: 31048). Lastly, students will compose a five paragraph essay and answer the unit Driving Question.
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Compare and contrast essay on tornadoes and hurricanes

Title: Oh, what a RELIEF it is!
Description: Students will make a relief map of Alabama out of playdough. After researching and analyzing several types of Alabama maps (physical, resources, populations, waterways etc), students will compile the information they learned by creating a singular relief map with corresponding legend. Students will write an essay that describes how the characteristics of our state led to migration patterns.
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Compare and contrast essay on hurricanes and tornadoes

Title: Oh, The Geographic Features We Can Explore! Using QR Codes and Google Slides
Description: In this lesson, students will work collaboratively to create a presentation showcasing the various geographic features around the world and use the appropriate academic vocabulary. Students will present their group slide to the class. Students will independently write a compare and contrast paragraph about two geographic features.
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The Online Tornado FAQ (by Roger Edwards, SPC)

Title: Goosebumps! Observing Similarities and Differences Between the Book and the Television Show
Description: In this lesson, students will be comparing and contrasting the first half of the book and the television episode, Goosebumps: The Blob That Ate Everyone. Students will watch the episode of Goosebumps only up until where they are currently at in the book. The class will then discuss the similarities and differences between the two, either individually, in pairs, or in groups, with the help of the app, Padlet.
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Title: Who's Side Are You On?
Description: In this lesson, students will compare and contrast two versions of The Three Little Pigs. Students will use the Story Kit app on iPads in groups to recreate the story of The Three Little Pigs and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Students will write a brief explanation of which story they believe is true and why. Students will "judge" in "court" which version of the story is true based on evidence provided.
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