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Comparison and Contrast the effects of alcohol on Adolescents to Overall U.S. Population

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According to a source on the Internet entitled Alcohol and Drug Treatment: The Disease Concept Of Substance Abuse and Addiction, the idea of drugs and alcohol being a disease is a “very controversial and debated topic.” For the purposes of this essay, I am...

1. Compare and contrast with those growing up with alcohol abuse in their household

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(reason 1), (reason 2), and (reason 3).”
_ Each reason becomes a topic sentence for each body paragraph. Each body paragraph must be fully developed by COMPARE AND CONTRAST method.
_ Each body paragraph must have 1 quote about marijuana and 1 quote about alcohol. So each body paragraph must have 2 quotes, both have to support the topic sentence of that

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Last March we suggested conducting a "compare and contrast" tasting, whereyou try beers that have something in common -- color, alcohol content, amountof hops, most obviously style -- and discuss what you find similar in themand what you find different.

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