Compare and Contrast the makeup of the House and the Senate

Compare and contrast essay senate and house of representatives

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In contrast, the United States Congress, which is the legislative bicameral arm of the Federal government of the United States, is composed of two houses: The Senate and the House of Representatives. The members of these houses are directly elected by citizens of the States for the Senate (each state by two senators) and Districts residents for House of Representatives (Remini, 2007).

Compare and contrast the House and the Senate--their functions, organization, and stature. Define the term Congress and explain their role in governing.

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Most of the sessional legislations in the House of Commons are controlled by Government (Pertersen, 2005). A bill is typically introduced by a minister and it goes through three readings. The first is the introduction and has no debate. In the second, the bill is discussed by members opposing or agreeing, and then passed on to either Standing committees or the Committees of the Whole house for recommendations. After this, the House may agree with all the recommendations, overturn them or make amendments, after which they agree to the motion to order it to the third reading, to which a final vote of passing proceeds. In the House of Representatives the first reading is when the bill is taken into the house for debate. The second reading is usually not significant and the third is prior to final vote for passage (Remini, 2007).

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