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This course examines the differences and spatial interactions of various cultures, technologies, and regions. The economic and social possibilities of local, extra-local, and regional environments are viewed from the perspective of their resident human populations. The concept of a world region is introduced and used as framework by which to understand the contemporary issues associated with cultural geography. The basic concepts of cultural geography are introduced and the analytical tools of cultural geography are reviewed. The successful student is conversant with the basic tools and concepts of cultural geography, the analytical perspectives of the discipline, as well as the broad cultural patterns of the cultural regions of the world.

After 4 years of college, Levitt left Columbia in 2004, in order to try acting once again....

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Students examine the purpose, role and responsibility of business in American society and gain a broad overview of the functions, institutions, principles and practices of business and other organizations. This course provides a basic foundation for those students who will specialize in business and an opportunity for non-business majors to learn about the business world as a major social institution.

This is because their impact is strong, and the lessons learnt from them stick with you forever.

ENL101 is an introductory college composition course required of all students and prerequisite to all other college-level English courses. It is designed to help students develop and express ideas clearly and effectively using Standard American English through frequent writing and the study of rhetorical patterns of development. Students learn to write MLA style documented essays.

Innocence of action understands that to accomplish a greater good, a lesser evil must sometimes be committed.

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A fundamental course in prerequisite algebraic topics designed to help prepare students for the study of introductory algebra and its applications. Topics include: introduction to, operation with, and application of whole numbers, integers, fractions, and decimals; exponentiation, rooting, order of operations, ratios, rates, proportions, unit conversions, percents and their applications; an introduction to algebraic expressions and equations, applications of algebraic expressions and equations, geometry, and measurement. (5 contact hours)

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The offers awards to art students entering their first year of college. The scholarships are available to graduating seniors of Broward County High School or Palm Beach County High School and must have financial need. The scholarship fund is open to students studying visual and performing arts, photojournalism, culinary arts as well as medicine, nursing, pharmacy studies or engineering.

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This course provides students with basic information on how commonly encountered high-technology crimes are committed as well as basic investigation strategies including the collection of evidence and computer forensics focusing on the network. Crimes dealing with computers, telephones, check-reading machines, credit card machines, and other technology are discussed. Issues dealing with jurisdiction and legislation to expressly criminalize cybercrime are discussed.

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Conventions: Since some of the most effective examples can originate in your own experience or in the experiences of people you know, you must decide if your readers will accept examples presented in the first person. Some readers expect an academic exemplification essay to be written primarily, if not almost entirely, in the third person. Consider your audience and your purpose before you generate and organize examples. Readers will also expect that the examples you present will not distract them from your main point, so make certain that there is a clear relationship between your main point and your examples. Effective topic and transition sentences in your body paragraphs can help you keep this relationship intact for your readers.