The nurse should be educated about disease processes.

Sociological knowledge plays a dynamic and elementary role within nursing profession....

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Jean Watson developed the human caring theory back in the year 1979. She wanted to reflect her views on the science of caring (Simmon, 2005). I tend to concur with Watson’s model because, the model clearly demonstrates interrelationship that are present between the patients and the nurses. This makes it possible for the formation of caring aspect between one human being to another. In order for one to be successful in nursing industry, one must be in a position to see the patient as a person and extend the caring from the patient to the family. This builds a good rapport between the nurse and the patient and his family and thus making the healing process so much enjoyable (Boyle, 2008). The emotion that exists between the family and the patient always drive much more care given by the nurse to the patient. This also gives the nurse extra knowledge on how best to handle and care for the patient. If one puts for instance knowledge into practice and do not consider aspects like time management and patience to the patients, they the industry cannot be considered effective. All the factors must be placed into practice in order to achieve the objective and the long-term goal of the school of nursing of Jacksonville University thus making this field effective.

Include how much autonomy a nurse should have to apply personal wisdom to the process.

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I’m anursing student at St josephy college of nursing in Malawi.I’m happy to meet your information about nursing scholarships. I’m strongly willing to save God people through nursing but Ihave financial limitations. So what can i do to to meet my dream? please assist me what to do and I need special information.

Similar to many traditionally female professions, the percentage of male in nursing is small.

A nurse should approach the patient not only for the illness that has brought them to the hospital but approach them on how they are feeling regarding being institutionalize.

A career in nursing is essential because there will always be people in medical need.

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Dear /sir
my name is s/r Tenadame shimelles from Ethiopia. I have diploma in clinical nursing and three years international ngo work experience.
I have a bug interst upgrading my profession.
I would ask is their any financail support for me.

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Greetings I am interested in going back to school for nursing and classes start in September. I have done my part of the process but however I need assistance in finishing paying for school and I really need help. I have been looking forever for a company that will help me receive a grant on returning to school and have not been able to find one. Please use my email to communicate with me I will be so honored to hear from you. Thanks

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I am currently enrolled at Hesston College in Hesston,Kansas with a nursing career in mind. It is a very expensive school, but it is one of the best nursing schools in Kansas, and I really want to continue on a nursing path. I am already a CNA at a local nursing home and would like to some day serve a facility as an RN. If you could help me in any way it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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I just enrolled in a FT BSN program after switching my major from business. I am in desperate need of grants because I am funding my education on my own (my parents aren’t too happy that I switched my major). I plan on doing a 3 year DNP to become a Pediatric CRNP in the future and I may specialize in oncology so the bills are going to quickly add up. After taking a&p 1 I have realized that nursing is my calling. I love learning about how the body works and all the different types of diseases and illnesses out there. Also, I am a minority student as well. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I am very excited to hang up one uniform and put on another by pushing my sleeves up and, being blessed with the opportunity to become a sponge and soak up as much information theoretically as possible. I want to know when I start doing clinical s, that I know my stuff and the client feels comfortable in my care. I want to be that nurse that places an everlasting memory on all my clients as “one of the good ones”.