The reality is that scholarships can help.

You may have several application essays completed and a personal interview scheduled.

Scholarships can be as competitive as business school admission.

The attorneys of Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC understand the financial strains that can accompany obtaining a college degree. For this reason, our firm is pleased to offer a $1,000 college scholarship to the winner of our bi-annual essay contest. Details regarding the contest and the applications procedure can be found below.

All of this before even stepping foot inside the door of your desired college.

This is where we ask you to put some real effort into the process.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that close to half of professional carpenters and plumbers have suffered some degree of hearing loss from repeated loud banging and drilling. Companies who employ workers in such high-risk environments are required to provide adequate protective gear for employees who are regularly exposed to loud noises. However, many times the protective gear is worn, damaged, or defective and does not sufficiently protect from hearing loss. What do you think companies can do in order to better protect workers from hearing loss? What degree do you believe employees should go to in order to protect themselves from hearing loss?

Most students will have to finance their education through loans or grants.

Federal Pell Grants
Federal Subsidized Stafford Loans
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
Federal Work Study
Perkins Loans

This is why a well-formed and powerfully written scholarship application essay is essential.

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These merit-based scholarships are awarded by your college for academic achievement. Inquire about these awards at your school’s financial aid office, though you may not even have to apply for an academic award; they are often wrapped into the financial aid package offered by the college, based on your college application.

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According to the NCAA, athletic scholarships for undergraduate student-athletes at Division I and Division II schools are partially funded through the NCAA membership revenue distribution. These scholarships are awarded directly by each academic institution and not the NCAA. About $1 billion in athletic scholarships are awarded each year. Over 126,000 student-athletes receive either a partial or full athletic scholarship. Division III schools offer only academic scholarships. They do not offer athletic scholarships.

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College scholarships are the ideal form of student aid, as they’re basically gifts that never have to be repaid. On the other hand, student loans must be repaid, but they’re made at very low interest rates, and you’re usually you’re not required to begin repayment until six months after you graduate. Some student loans require you to prove financial need, but some of them don’t. Many students turn to student loans as a method to pay for college. Basically, if you cannot get access to the free money you have to borrow it in the form of a student loan.

We will also address technical issues such as spelling and grammar.

By the way, if you happen to be a parent reading this website, please encourage your son or daughter to look for scholarships, following our approach. Just think how much smoother their path will be if they hone these skills now, before they leave your nest. If you’re reading this website we know we don’t really need to say this but we’ll do it anyway. They’ll need your help and support.

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Specific departments may have scholarships available to attract or retain students in the department’s field of study. If you know what your major will be, contact that department to inquire about scholarships.