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A four-year career development program that engages students the moment they set foot on campus.

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also reports “African-American students are more likely than Caucasian students to say they tend to keep their feelings about the difficulty of college to themselves (75% vs. 61%).” Black students are less likely to have been diagnosed with mental health conditions or to have been treated for such concerns.

The CTL promotes engaged and effective teaching that cultivates significant student learning.

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Connecticut College is committed to addressing the complex issues of race, equity, and inclusion.

Many people have asked me what I want to do with my life and where I see myself in the next five years. I have seen this question put to many of my peers and even my siblings and I have found that most of them have no idea how to answer these question. On the other hand, I have thought much about this and I know exactly what I want to do with my life, especially for the next four years at college. I have chosen Criminal Justice as my choice of study and career and I know that there are no rewards in this field unless I work hard and strive to gain as much information on the subject as I can. This is only possible if I am admitted to the XX University and pursue my studies in Criminal Justice there. I am a highly motivated individual who really have high aspirations in life and I am very much motivated to study at a college level. Me and my family is very proud of my decision to attend college as I would be the first one in my family, including my parents and my three brothers, to attend a four-year college program. I would like to continue my college studies at XX University, as I believe they have a very good curriculum and an excellent faculty where I can learn Criminal Justice. I sternly believe that a person who goes to college and completes his or her education, emerges a better person and is more likely to succeed as he or she is exposed to many new perspectives, many new doors, and many new opportunities. The price of ignorance is much higher than the price of getting an education because if you do not get a college education, you pay for ignorance everyday for the rest of your life.

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I am a hard working and a well-rounded individual and I have been involved in many extra curricular activities along with keeping good grades at school. I have been employed at a part-time job during my senior year and this shows that I am a responsible person who is able to focus on what is important. I played basketball in ninth grade and football in tenth and eleventh grade. I have also done a lot of community service by serving such causes as the Special Olympics, the batter shelter for women, and my city. I have had many leadership positions in these extra curricular activities and I believe that I would be a very good fit as a student at the XX University, especially studying Criminal Justice. This is because I have always had an interest in the subject because of my father, who is a retired captain for the department of corrections for the state of XX and now head of security for XX Middle school. I believe that being intrinsically motivated at learning is one of the key factors of getting educated in a more efficient manner. This, along with the fact that the XX University has a very good program in Criminal Justice, makes this university a perfect fit with my ambitions. This is why I believe that I would be able to do very well at the University and would emerge as a motivated and well-educated person ready to start my career on the right path.

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All part of a four-year career preparation program that focuses on helping students connect their liberal arts majors to professional opportunities and graduate study.

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Naturally occurring landscapes can offer inspiration that goes beyond their structure and species composition. Landscape architect Toby Wolf will demonstrate how the experiential qualities of wild places can be translated into designed landscapes — urban or suburban, large or small, planted or paved — that feel authentic, immediate and alive. Free.