a film directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, is discussed.

On Fargo, the Coens shot on 40mm and 32mm, longer lenses than they have ever shot before.

Directed by Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

I’d prefer a more highbrow formulation: The Coens take found objects and arrange them for maximum disjunction. At first, those found objects were movie conventions.

As in earlier Coen Brothers movies, there are more reversals and plot twists than in George W.

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Notice how the Coens have again and again translated ideas into cinema: a schoolboy’s eyes, horn-rimmed in Barton’s case, the enslaving of the writers, Barton's room closing in on him, his hang-up with sex hung on the wall, and so on. Also, with Mayhew, the Coens have filled out their customary oedipal pattern. We have a panel of fathers. There is bombastic Lipnick, tyrannical and unpredictable. There is rapid-fire Geisler, knowing and unhelpful. And there is Mayhew, the picture of Southern gentry and writerly wisdom, ruined, violent, and helpless. Balancing them all is a strong woman, Audrey. As for Charlie, he could be a brother, but at the film’s turning point, he becomes a helpful father—and then a dangerous one.

The article discusses previous Coen brothers films and their cinematic style.

In an interview with the French critic Michel Ciment, the brothers said:

Joel: Some people have suggested the whole second part of the movie is only a nightmare. It certainly wasn’t our intention to make it a literal bad dream, but it’s true that we wanted an irrational logic. We wanted the climate of the movie to reflect the psychological state of its hero.Ethan: We wanted the audience to share the interior life of Barton Fink, and his point of view (99).

is a partially successful endeavor by Joel and Ethan Coen to move in a fresh direction.

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Barton Fink is a marvelous ploy. It richly deserves the Palme D’Or this film won in 1991 along with the awards for Best Director and Best Actor, a rare triple crown that shot the Coens into the pantheon of major directors who speak for a confusing and brutal world.

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The serious, intense film represents somewhat of a change for the Coens, who earned a reputation for quirky humor and snappy visuals in Blood Simple and Raising Arizona.

Joel and Ethan Coen were born three years apart in St

While Cain's paradigmatic noir stories were about the desire to make a wish come true and the price paid when it does, the protagonist in the Coens' new film is notable for his absence of ego and for the overriding sense that he wants nothing." [Art Index]

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However, although there are a number of connections in the film to Cain's novels, in making the protagonist passive and asexual, the Coens' have moved away from typical Cain adaptations.