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The Code of Hammurabi was recorded on clay tablets standing eight feet high.

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I suppose that you have accessed our lesson "Ancient Tablets, Ancient Graves" for at least some beginning information on women in the Hammurabi Code. Note too the three sources that are listed. For fuller listing of Hammurabi laws (from which you can extract information about women's rights), go to the Diotima listing on our link page and look up "The Code of Hammurabi [18th Century BCE]. Use this site for other information too. I got a more complete copy of the Code of Hammurabi from the "Yale Law School: Lillian Goldman Library" "Historical Documents Page." It is generally felt that in the Hammurabi period (1726-1686 BC), women's status was more restricted than in earlier times.

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"An eye for an eye ..." is a paraphrase of Hammurabi's Code, a collection of 282 laws inscribed on an upright stone pillar. The code was found by French archaeologists in 1901 while excavating the ancient city of Susa, which is in modern-day Iran.

The Law Code of Hammurabi is the emblem of the Mesopotamian civilization

Hammurabi keenly understood that, to achieve this goal, he needed one universal set of laws for all of the diverse peoples he conquered. Therefore, he sent legal experts throughout his kingdom to gather existing laws. These laws were reviewed and some were changed or eliminated before compiling his final list of 282 laws. Despite what many people believe, this code of laws was not the first.

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